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real estate. Morawiecki: change in spatial planning after the elections to increase the supply of land for housing

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced on Monday that in the next term, after the elections, the government wants to increase the availability of land for housing construction by allocating part of the land in the plans of local governments.

– In the new term of office, we will propose to increase the availability of land for the construction of apartments in all cities and towns by allocating the appropriate part of land in the spatial development plans of all local governments – Morawiecki informed.

As he added, this will also increase the supply, because. According to him, “one of the main problems of the entire housing market are “supply bottlenecks”.

Morawiecki: it’s merging efforts

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During the presentation of the details of the government program “Secure Credit 2 percent.” Morawiecki said that the efforts of the market and individual efforts must be supported by the financial and regulatory efforts of the state. – The program is to combine state efforts with individual plans and the availability of flats on the market – said the head of the government. As Morawiecki added, the program “Safe Credit 2 percent.” primarily serves stabilization and predictability, because, among other things, has a safe fixed interest rate, regardless of how interest rates change in the future.

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