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Reassumption of voting in the Sejm. Marshal Elżbieta Witek on legal opinions

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Sejm Marshal Elżbieta Witek was asked on Wednesday by journalists about the controversial reassumption of the August 11 vote. She spoke about the legal opinions on which she based her decision. This time she said it was an “oral interview and consultation” in her office. Earlier, on the government television, the marshal showed opinions from 2018.

On August 11, during the session of the Sejm, at which lex TVN was adopted, there was controversial reassumption of the vote concerning the motion to adjourn the meeting. First, the Seym accepted this motion, but after the break extended several times, the Marshal of the Seym Elżbieta Witek The Law and Justice party ordered a reassumption of the vote, which was backed by 229 MPs, with one vote against and one abstention. In another vote, the Sejm rejected the motion to adjourn the session.

Marshal Witek, explaining then her decision on the reassumption, said that during the break she “consulted five lawyers” on the subject. A few days later, the Sejm Information Center published the opinions that Marshal Witek was to “consult”. All five opinions are dated April 2018. The marshal herself showed them during an interview on government television.


Journalists ask about reassumption. Witek: please do not ask about it anymore, it’s not serious

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On Wednesday, at a conference in the Sejm, journalists could ask Marshal Elżbieta Witek questions. They returned to the subject of the controversial reassumption. The Marshal assured that “it acted in accordance with the regulations and in accordance with the competences of the Marshal of the Sejm”. – At no time did I break the rules – she argued.

– As for opinions, I have a lot of lawyers around me. In the Chancellery of the Sejm, in the Marshal’s office, in the Sejm Analysis Bureau, in the Legislative Office. I have someone to ask for an opinion and I asked my lawyers for their opinions. One of them said that there are opinions regarding the procedure, the mechanism. This mechanism is described in the rules of the Sejm – she said about the reassumption.

– I consulted five lawyers in my office in the office of the Marshal of the Sejm. These are my lawyers from BAS, BL and the marshal’s office – she informed.

Asked by the reporter about the names of these people, she replied: – And what do you need the names of employees of the Parliamentary Analysis Bureau or the Legislative Bureau for? I do not understand. What do you want to verify?

– They advised me exactly what I did. Nothing else. Please do not ask about it anymore because it is frivolous. These are frivolous questions – she assessed.

Elżbieta WitekPAP / Mateusz Marek

Witek: There was an interview and oral consultation

Asked by a TVN24 journalist, she said: – They were former officials, employees of the Sejm Analysis Bureau, as well as the office of the Speaker of the Sejm. I do not believe that I should publicly disclose the names of non-public officials.

– On that day, within half an hour, BAS did not make a written opinion. These opinions were created later, they are on the internet. That day there was an oral conversation and consultation – said Witek.

The opinions she cited on government television and published by the CIS, she said, “were in addition so that I could read them.” – I made the decision sovereignly, after reading the opinions of my lawyers here in the Sejm, as well as after reading the written ones that were prepared for the reassumption of the vote. She has not changed, the regulations have not changed – said the marshal.

Elżbieta WitekPAP / Mateusz Marek

Main photo source: PAP / Mateusz Marek

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