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Recent research indicates that xylitol may contribute to heart attack and stroke

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American research results have been published in the European Heart Journal showing that xylitol increases the risk of strokes and heart attacks. The sweetener is added to, among others, carbonated drinks, chewing gum and toothpaste. This is yet another negative report about sweeteners that are so popular and fashionable because they replace sugar. Aspartame has been on the WHO list of products that may cause cancer since last year.

Xylitol and sugar are indistinguishable to the eye. However, sugar has long been known to be unhealthy, but now it turns out that xylitol is also unhealthy. – I suffer from type 2 diabetes and I don't use sugar as such, and so far I have actually used xylitol – admits Mr. Jarosław. We know that xylitol is unhealthy from research published in the European Heart Journal, a highly respected cardiology journal. – In order for a work to be published, it must be checked in terms of scientific credibility, but also the reliability of data collection. It cannot remain without response, without analysis, without comment – assures prof. Maciej Grabowski from the Department and Clinic of Cardiology of the Medical University of Warsaw.

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There is evidence that xylitol may contribute to heart attacks and strokes. One third of the subjects with the highest levels of xylitol were exposed to this. – There is a certain tendency to hypercoagulability, there is a certain tendency for platelets to stick together and, in this mechanism, to create embolisms in the cerebral or heart arteries – explains Prof. Maciej Grabowski.

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What to replace xylitol with?

Experts emphasize that for such a blockage to occur in the arteries, you need to take a lot of xylitol or erythritol regularly. The average safe limit is a maximum of three tablespoons per day. However, we do not have full control over it, because xylitol is also found in toothpaste, chewing gum and other products.

– 30 grams of xylitol is the maximum amount that we can use during the day so as not to increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke, taking into account that xylitol increases blood clotting – explains clinical dietitian Aneta Łańcuchowska.

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What to replace xylitol with? Certainly not aspartame, which was included on the list of probable carcinogens by the World Health Organization last year. An even worse solution would be to return to sugar. So for what?

– I would recommend always choosing mineral water because it is healthy for us and hydrates us in the best way – advises personal trainer Damian Błoński. And for those who still need to sweeten things up, here is the only and universal advice: it is best – as always in everything – to exercise moderation.

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