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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Reconstruction of the government. Jan Maria Jackowski and Krzysztof Śmiszek comment on changes in the government

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The reconstruction of the government was one of the topics of “Kropki nad i” on TVN24. – It was necessary to pay tribute and tribute to those who put President Kaczyński against the wall – this is how Krzysztof Śmiszek, member of the New Left, commented on the changes. Senator Jan Maria Jackowski from the PiS club called the ministerial changes “stage wisdom”.

The guests of the Tuesday edition of “Kropka nad i” on TVN24 were the New Left MP Krzysztof Śmiszek and senator Jan Maria Jackowski (PiS club).

They discussed changes in the government. Among other things, the ministry of culture, national heritage and sport were divided, and Henryk Kowalczyk, who became the new minister of agriculture, was also appointed deputy prime minister. The position of the head of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism was assumed by Kamil Bortniczuk.

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“It’s a political need of the moment,” said Śmiszek. He recalled that “only a few months ago the ministries were merged, apparently to save and reduce costs”. “But today you have to pay a political price,” he stressed.

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– You can take away Mr. (Piotr) Gliński, who was holding tight and did not want to let go of the sport, but finally let go of this government department called “sport”. He gave back, because it was necessary to pay tribute, a tribute to those who put President Kaczyński against the wall. We have a new ministry of sport, we have a deputy minister of sport, a newly minted MP with no experience, he mentioned.

Śmiszek referred to Łukasz Mejza, a 30-year-old MP who entered the Sejm in March 2021 and who is to join the PiS club through the republican faction. At the end of August, the deputy became famous because he had not submitted a declaration of financial interests. Meya was reprimanded by the Seym for this.

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– Already burn badly property declarations and non-disclosure of these data, if he can save the skin of President Kaczyński – said the member of the New Left, referring to the fact that Mejza will join the government majority. “This is just plain bribery, this is the bonding of the parliamentary majority by the cracked right,” he commented.


Krzysztof Śmiszek and Jan Maria Jackowski in “Kropka nad i”TVN24

How to explain the mechanism of government change? Jan Maria Jackowski said the “explanation” for the changes in the government was “very simple”. – The deputy, as befits an opposition deputy, explained it. I can, in other words, repeat it a bit: it is a reflection of the current political system, within the majority that constitutes the backing of the government in the Sejm, he said.

In the program, Jackowski pointed out that Grzegorz Puda, a representative of the “Five for Animals”, had lost the position of the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, and Henryk Kowalczyk, who voted against the “five”, took his place.

Jackowski: The reconstruction of the government reflects the current political systemTVN24

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Main photo source: TVN24

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