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Record holders and big losers of local government elections

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There are some candidates who won almost all the votes, and there are some who lost to themselves. A sensation in Gdynia, a surprise in Toruń, a surprise in Zielona Góra – we discuss the records and failures of the 2024 local elections. Material from the “Poland and World” magazine.

The candidate for mayor and current mayor of the Bargłów Kościelny commune is in seventh heaven – Radosław Wawiórko, with 95 percent of the votes, obtained one of the best, or maybe even the best, results in the country. – This is a very nice surprise. This is a motivation for me to continue working for our residents and the Bargłów Kościelny commune – says Wawiórko. The mayor had no opponent, so voters voted for or against.

The two city presidents also fought against each other. Rafał Zając from Stargard won 84 percent of the votes “for”, the candidate from Ciechanów Krzysztof Kosiński over 81 percent. – This may mean that these divisions in Warsaw do not always translate into the local area. There is no simple pattern here and no transfer from parliamentary elections to local elections – points out the mayor of Ciechanów.

Wiśniewski outclasses, surprise in Gdynia

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Among the candidates for presidents of provincial cities, Arkadiusz Wiśniewski is the record holder. He outclassed the competition, and his result in Opole speaks for itself – 75.47%.

– I went into these elections with great uncertainty, expecting a good result because I had the support of the Civic Platform, Third Way and the Left. But I had absolutely no expectation that this result would break the ceiling from five years ago, when I achieved 70 percent, says Arkadiusz Wiśniewski.

Wojciech Szczurek, the president of Gdynia, did not even get to the second round after 26 years of uninterrupted rule. He did not want to appear in front of the camera – he wrote online: “I accept it with humility, I am grateful for every vote cast and I congratulate my opponents.”

The fight for Toruń and Zielona Góra

The mayor of Toruń, Michał Zaleski, has been ruling the city for 22 years. He wants another five, but this time he did not win in the first round – in the second round he will fight with a rival candidate from the Civic Coalition.

Zaleski claims that his weaker result was due to the “enormous potential of large party groups.” – They could influence the running of the campaign not only personally, but also in any other possible way – he adds.

– This is a big surprise, we are humbled by the fact that the residents trusted us on such a large scale – emphasizes the candidate for president of Toruń, Paweł Gulewski, who obtained over 38 percent in the first round. votes.

In Zielona Góra, Janusz Kubicki also wants to break the record – he has been ruling the city for 18 years. However, he started from his own committee and lost in the first round to the candidate of the Civic Coalition. – I didn't expect such results. They are certainly a big surprise to me and something to analyze various things – admits Kubicki.

His rival, Marcin Pabierowski, points out that “Zielona Góra has changed today.” – It wants to be modern, it wants to be smiling, it wants to develop dynamically, it needs a president who will not be afraid of people, who will be there for people. I want to be such a president, he adds.

– PiS can be defeated, and yet the president of Zielona Góra, Janusz Kubicki, is a close collaborator of PiS – says Elżbieta Polak, former marshal of the Lubuskie Voivodeship, and currently an MP from the Civic Platform.

The two candidates have less than two weeks to convince the residents. However, the mayor of Wilkowice, who ran as the only candidate, is also counting on another chance. According to the regulations, the choice now rests with the municipal council.

Author:Łukasz Wieczorek

Main photo source: Maciej Wasilewski / Agencja Wyborcza.pl

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