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Recruitment for studies 2022. Dates and rules of recruitment for candidates

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Polish universities have strictly defined admission rules. What will they look like in the upcoming 2022/2023 academic year?

When enrolling for studies, the results of the written matura exam are decisive. The university’s guidelines for the importance of high school graduation results can be easily found through online scoring calculators. The terms and conditions of enrollment for studies may differ in each university, so it is worth following the current information on the websites of the university.

Admission to studies – how to count points

Universities in Warsaw, Lodz and other cities recruit candidates on the basis of high school graduation results. If you want to calculate the number of points that would be awarded as part of the qualification process, go to the website of a given institution, select the department of interest, and then check the subjects considered in the recruitment. For example, in the case of admission to medicine, it is required to achieve a high result in the extended matura exam in at least two additional subjects, which include: chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics or physics and astronomy.

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It is worth remembering that in the recruitment process, universities also take into account additional criteria, such as: physical tests, drawing exams, etc. An important guideline when calculating points is the so-called scoring weight. Not every item is equally valued during recruitment. Some results are rewarded more. The final score is influenced by the level of the Matura exam.

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Points are calculated only on the basis of the results of the written matura exam and depending on the university, they may have a different conversion rate. For example, during recruitment to the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw, basic exams are multiplied by 0.6 and extended by 1.0.

Admissions 2022 – how to count points for online studies

On the Internet you can find so-called point threshold calculators. They are usually easy and quick to use. First of all, you should choose the subjects passed on the secondary school-leaving examination and their level. The next step is to choose the city where the university is located. The last step is to choose the institution where you want to study. On the basis of the guidelines, the system calculates the result obtained by a given person, indicating the thresholds applicable at a given faculty.

When does enrollment for studies start and what does it look like?

Attention! Each university has its own recruitment dates. Therefore, the candidate for studies should remember to visit the website of the university they want to apply to, so as not to miss the recruitment period. First you need to register. In the case of the University of Warsaw, registration for the 1st cycle of full-time studies is from June 6, 2022 to July 5, 2022.., The Jagiellonian University starts registering candidates on June 1, 2022 and ends on July 7, 2022 r. Framework for enrollment for studies Of the University of Lodz are in the range May 5, 2022 – July 7, 2022. The Medical University of Lodz started recruiting candidates on May 9, 2022.

Then, the candidates enter their Matura results (these are to be announced on 5 July), any additional entrance exams and, finally, the announcement of the recruitment results. In the case of the University of Warsaw, it will take place on July 19, but each university may have a different date – so check it on the institution’s website.

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Recruitment for studies is conducted through IRK – Internet Recruitment of Candidates. In order to complete all the stages, you need to visit the website of the selected university and create your account. The login of each candidate is their PESEL number. The next step is to enter information about secondary school, year of graduation, etc. Then it is time to indicate the fields of study that the candidate wants to enter. It should also be noted what form of study the future student is interested in – full-time or part-time. It is necessary to indicate the degree of study.

It is worth remembering that universities do not limit the selection to one major. It is possible to select several departments. The next step is payment of the enrollment fee (e.g. at the University of Warsaw, the enrollment fee for registration for one selected field of study, level and form of study is PLN 85. If the candidate is subject to a written exam, oral exam or interview, the fee is 100 zloty). After July 5, the results of the matura exams should be added. The system also requires sending a scan of the photo, which will be used for the student ID after successfully passing the recruitment process.

When are the documents submitted for studies?

After registering in IRK and entering all information, wait until the list of shortlisted candidates is announced. You can go to the faculty in person or enter your online profile. If the enrollment is successful, it is necessary to submit necessary documents:

– secondary school-leaving certificate and its copy; – applications for acceptance with statements available in the registration account; – applications for an Electronic Student Identity Card (ELS); – proof of payment of the ELS fee (approximately PLN 20); – a copy of the ID card; – current photography.

Sometimes additional documents are required. Therefore, it is worth visiting the university’s website and checking what declarations should be provided in addition to the basic conclusions.

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Universities in Łódź, Warsaw, Poznań and other cities in Poland have an extremely wide range of studies. Therefore, it is worth getting acquainted with the description of the fields of study before recruitment. Don’t worry if the selection process was not successful. This is because very often the qualified resign from studies, and another candidate is accepted for a vacant place.

Additional documentsthat may be required are:

– declaration on continuing or completing studies in another field of study; – statement on reading the regulations and rules at the university; – a medical certificate confirming that there are no contraindications for studying in the chosen field of study; – diploma in a central level Olympiad or an international competition, a national competition; – language certificate.

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