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Reczpospolita: Poland refuses to cooperate in EU investigations into abuses in spending EU money

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The European Commission may initiate further proceedings against Warsaw at the request of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, informs Rzeczpospolita. According to the daily, Poland does not want to cooperate in EU investigations concerning fraud in spending EU money and cross-border VAT crimes. – We sent 23 requests for cooperation with us, all were rejected – Laura Kövesi, the European Attorney General told Rzeczpospolita.

The newspaper reminds that “Poland, like Hungaryrefused to participate in the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO), whose task is to investigate such crimes. “” This means that the EPPO cannot conduct investigations directly in our country, “Rzeczpospolita explains.

Poland does not cooperate in EU investigations

“But – according to Kövesi – according to the EU regulation, we have to cooperate with the EPPO and respond to requests for information in a situation where there is a Polish thread in a cross-border case” – we read.

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– We have no problem with Hungary. All requests for information are answered positively, she told the daily Kövesi. “In the Polish case, she has already sent a letter to The European Commissionthat may decide to initiate an anti-infringement procedure. Its final may be a complaint to the Court of Justice of the EU, “writes the newspaper. According to unofficial information from the editorial office of Rzeczpospolita, it appears that the European Commission is currently analyzing Kövesi’s letter.

Rule of Law Argument

“The obstruction in the EPPO case may in the future be an argument for the European Commission to criticize Poland regarding the rule of law, and in particular the relationship between the lack of an independent judiciary and guarantees for EU funds” – emphasizes the daily.

“The Polish government has always argued that there are no abuses in spending EU money in our country, so there are no grounds for applying the so-called conditionality mechanism. However, the lack of participation in the EPPO was already indicated by the European Commission as a significant weakness. Now, Warsaw is also not cooperating with Euro-prosecutor’s office in specific cases, making it difficult to protect the EU’s financial interests, “the newspaper describes.

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