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Red flag over the water – what does it mean? Lifeguard about safety during rest

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Despite repeated appeals for not entering the water and the tragic consequences of such behavior, when the red flag flutters over the bathing beach, some people still ignore it, putting themselves and others at risk. This color of the flag, informing about the absolute prohibition of bathing, means dangerous conditions also for rescuers. Piotr Zagajewski, lifeguard, talked about safety while relaxing by the water on TVN24.

A 32-year-old man drowned in Jantar on Wednesday after he and others participated in the chain of life. High waves caused four people to drown, one of them is in the hospital. The prosecutor’s office announced that it would investigate the circumstances of the 32-year-old’s death. The chain of life was created after possibly false information that someone is drowning in the sea.

Piotr Zagajewski, a lifeguard, Piotr Zagajewski, talked about your safety in “Powstajesz i weekend” on TVN24 about saving a drowning person and creating a chain of life.

Lifeguard: please do not go into the water

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– Saving life is the most important thing and I will not distract anyone from the fact that it is supposed to save life – he said, stressing at the same time that “for everyone their life is important, so let them always take it into account”.

– If we build this chain incorrectly, instead of one person at the point of danger in the water, we have many more. To prevent this from happening, please do not go into the water, appealed Zagajewski. He explained that the way they are positioned is important for the safety of people who make up the chain of life. He explained that “weaker people should be placed closer to the shore, because they have a more stable position, but they also secure”, and there should be stronger people further. – I know that during such actions it is not always well thought out. Everything that can secure, tie us to the shore is advisable – he emphasized.


“If the roof collapses, the firefighter will not enter the house because the roof will collapse on his head”

On Wednesday, when the tragic incident took place in Jantar, red flags were waving at the guarded bathing areas on the Vistula Spit due to the high waves.

The lifeguard reminded on TVN24 not to enter the water when we see a red flag on the beach. It informs about the absolute prohibition of bathing. As he emphasized, it means that the conditions are not safe even for rescuers and he compared this situation to a fire in a building. – If the roof collapses, the firefighter will not enter the house, because the roof will collapse on his head and warns others – he said.

Red flag on the beach in JantarPAP / Jan Dzban

When asked what, in his opinion, Poles have swimming skills, he replied that “it is improving”. – There are more and more swimming pools. Young people are learning better and better – he said. He also emphasized that “older people who have not experienced this education show bad role models. And this is the worst, in my opinion,” Zagajewski said.

A lifeguard on the principles of safe rest by the waterTVN24

Main photo source: PAP / Jan Dzban

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