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Red Sea. A German frigate intercepted a drone. He could have caused damage

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As we read in the Bundeswehr's announcement, the action of the German army took place on Saturday afternoon.

“The frigate 'Hessen' repelled the attack on civilian merchant ship. The incoming projectile will now be able to stay destroyed” – written.

In turn, the social media of the EU mission Aspides emphasized that the action “was effective and avoided damage among seamen and merchant shipping.

Red Sea. A German frigate shot down a missile by Houthi militants

The missile was intercepted on… area controlled by Yemen's Houthi militant groupwho constantly attack civilian vessels in the Red Sea – they claim – in retaliation for Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip.

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Due to the threat European Union she announced mission codenamed Aspideswhich was launched on February 19 to help protect a key maritime trade route between Asia and Europe leading through Suez Canal.

The EU said in a special message that within a month of the start of the operation 35 transports were successfully secured.

‚ÄúThese actions led to defensive actions that included shooting down eight unmanned aerial vehicles (drones – ed.) i repulse three other attacks posing a threat to freedom of navigation”

The community also emphasized that the mission was ongoing “in full compliance with international lawprotecting freedom of navigation and supporting the maritime industry.

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