Red Sea. The rebels boast about the attack. US aircraft carrier target


Houthi rebels said in a statement on Saturday that attacked the American aircraft carrier Eisenhower in the Red Sea and the Transworld Navigator ship in the Arabian Sea. However, it was not stated when the attacks took place.

“The Houthi statement said Transworld Navigator was left behind directly hit by a missile. It stated that the operation against Eisenhower achieved its goals, but did not specify the details,” Reuters reported.

Unrest on the Red Sea. Rebels attacked an American aircraft carrier

NBC News noted that this is likely the latest attack carried out by Yemen's rebels. The Houthi strike came days after the sinking of the Tutor ship, which “appears to be a new escalation of the U.S.-backed Iran campaign of attacks on ships in an important maritime corridor.

The captain of the ship attacked on Friday evening said he saw explosions near the machine. “The crew is safe and the ship is proceeding to the next port,” Maritime Trade Operations said Great Britain (UKMTO). However, it was not specified whether the ship suffered any damage.

Moreover, as reported in the publication, American officials allegedly ordered the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower to return to base. The ship took part in actions aimed at responding to Houthi attacks.

The Houthis have repeatedly talked about attacks on the aircraft carrier. The captain replies

At the beginning of the week, the captain of an American aircraft carrier spoke out about information provided by the rebels that they had attacked or even sunk the ship several times.

“I think we were supposedly sunk two or three times in the last six months, but we weren't,” Christopher Hill told the Associated Press. He added that it is “almost comical.” – Perhaps they are trying to inspire each other through disinformation, but it does not work on us – emphasized the captain.

Houthi rebels have been attacking ships for several months. Last week, the cargo ship “M/V Verbena”, which sailed under the Palauan flag and belongs to Ukrainea is operated by Poles. The Houthis fired two anti-ship missiles and a fire broke out on the ship. One of the sailors was seriously injured in the incident.

Sources: Reuters, NBC News, Associated Press

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