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Red Waters. Reportage on illegal hazardous waste landfills. Wojciech Bojanowski: I am horrified by this image that we have discovered

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Poland is dotted with illegal hazardous waste dumps. Over the course of two years, we visited several such landfills. This terrifying picture that emerges from this is the image of the mafia, gangsters who earn huge money from it – said Wojciech Bojanowski, one of the authors of the “Wody Czerwony” report on TVN24. Red waters are wastes that are generated during the production of TNT.

There are over 400 illegal landfills in Poland, where criminals left life and health-threatening waste. The mechanism is repetitive: a plot or hall is rented for the pole, waste is transported there, and then – as prosecutor Konrad Rogowski informs – “it simply disappears”. The problem is faced by the owner of the plot or hall, who usually cannot afford to take away the waste and dispose of it. As TVN24 journalists Olga Orzechowska, Filip Folczak and Wojciech Bojanowski found out, the waste includes the so-called red water, which is produced during the production of TNT. This waste was discovered by reporters and investigators in several illegal landfills. TNT in Poland is produced by one factory – Nitro-Chem from Bydgoszcz.


“We were there in overalls, in masks. But after half an hour, the head hurts”

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One of the authors of the report “Red waters” Wojciech Bojanowski said on Tuesday on TVN24 that he was “terrified by this image that we discovered”. – Because this is what our Poland looks like. Our Poland is strewn with such illegal landfills – he noted.

He added that the largest landfill is in Rogowiec near Bełchatów. – 50 thousand tons of waste. This is a giant square. There are alleys you can walk through. We were there in overalls and masks. But after half an hour, my head hurts, I want to vomit – told the TVN24 journalist. He noticed that “people live nearby”.

– And during these two years we visited several such landfills throughout Poland. This terrifying image that emerges from this is also the image of the mafia, let’s call it this way, gangsters who earn huge money from it – said Bojanowski.

– How does it happend? We have a factory, a company that produces something. The side effect is hazardous waste. This company must dispose of this waste. It is a very expensive process, he said.

Bojanowski said that “today the disposal of one container costs PLN 12,000”. – Let’s multiply 12,000 times 50,000 tons, it gives us PLN 600 million in just one place. And we have 400 such places – he emphasized.

Bojanowski: Criminals have made millions, we all pay for it

– We are wondering how it happened that over the last five, six, maybe seven years, these landfills suddenly started to increase all over Poland. Who allowed it? Where were the special forces then? Where was the prosecutor’s office? Where were the police who try to track such cases? How did it happen that in 400 places all over Poland, halls, squares, various places were clogged with dangerous chemicals? – He was asking.

“Unfortunately, criminals made millions off of it. Now we’re all paying for it,” Bojanowski said.

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