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Reductions in fuel prices at gas stations – holiday promotions, forecasts, analyses

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Although the coming days will not bring rapid changes in prices at stations, fuel chains have prepared promotional discounts for the holidays – indicates the e-petrol.pl portal. In turn, Refleks analysts emphasized that this year’s holiday trips will be much cheaper than last year, and fuel prices may be the lowest since February 2022.

According to e-petrol.pl, next week a liter of unleaded petrol 95 should cost PLN 6.39-6.51 on average in the country. It is possible that diesel will become slightly cheaper – the average nationwide price of a liter of diesel should be in the range of PLN 6.11-6.24. The beginning of this year’s holidays will also be quite good for autogas users, drivers will pay about PLN 2.84-2.91 per liter of LPG in the coming days.

Reductions in fuel prices at stations

Analysts point out that, just like a year ago, petrol station chains have prepared promotions related to refueling and today the conditions under which it will be cheaper to refuel at Circle K and Orlen stations. It should also be expected in the coming days that these brands will be followed by others that will not easily give up the competition.

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They point out that promotions are usually intended for regular customers and are associated with participation in loyalty programs, but thanks to using them, you will be able to save a dozen or so zlotys on one refueling.

According to e-petrol.pl fuel prices during this year’s holidays will be lower than last year, and in July alone fuel will be cheaper by over PLN 1 per liter.

The e-petrol.pl price report shows that the average price of EU95 petrol at the stations before the holidays (e-petrol.pl quotes on June 21, 2023) was PLN 6.49, which is two groszy below the price in mid-June, for diesel fuel, drivers paid an average of PLN 6.22, which is PLN 0.11 above the previous week’s level. In the case of autogas, after two weeks of stabilization, the price dropped by PLN 0.3 per liter – last Wednesday, on average, it could be purchased at Polish filling stations for PLN 2.89.

“In the coming days we will learn the details of cheaper refueling”

According to Refleks analysts, taking into account the level of additional discounts offered when refueling as part of the beginning holiday promotions, one can be tempted to say that drivers, at least at the beginning of the holidays, will refuel at the cheapest price from mid-February 2022, i.e. before Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

The analysis of Refleks shows that the pre-holiday week brought an increase in the average on Polish stations diesel prices by PLN 0.11/l to PLN 6.20/l. The average price of Pb95 petrol remained unchanged at PLN 6.50/l, and a liter of autogas became cheaper by PLN 0.1 to the average level of PLN 2.89/l.

At the same time, Reflex reminds that exactly one year ago, at this time, the prices of Pb95 petrol set a historical record at PLN 7.95-7.97/l. We paid PLN 7.92/l on average for a liter of diesel.

Experts pointed out that the beginning of the holidays is the beginning of promotions at petrol stations. Orlen, which has the largest share in the domestic retail market (24 percent, over 1,900 stations), decided on Friday to provide an additional discount of PLN 0.30/l. Compared to the previous year, the monthly refueling limit was increased from three to four, 50 liters each.

“Everything indicates that in the coming days we will learn the details of cheaper refueling at virtually all stations of major market operators, i.e. domestic concerns, foreign and independent service station networks, with a total share of nearly 60% in the domestic retail fuel market. Smaller, In this situation, private service stations may be forced to reduce fuel prices on the pylon, depending on the policy and promotion at premium stations of local competitors.

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