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Referendum 2023. Donald Tusk: I solemnly annul this referendum

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I solemnly annul this referendum, which PiS wants to organize on October 15, together with the elections to the Sejm and Senate, Donald Tusk said on Wednesday during the National Council of the Civic Platform in Warsaw.

At the beginning of July, the Sejm adopted an amendment to the Act on the National Referendum, which was supposed to make it possible to hold a referendum on the same day as elections parliamentary, presidential or European Parliament. Short films containing successive referendum questions on August 11-14 were published by Law and Justice politicians. According to the schedule, during the session of the Sejm scheduled for August 16-17, the chamber is now to deal with, among others, examining a motion to formally order a nationwide referendum.

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Donald Tusk: this referendum is invalid

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“I solemnly annul this referendum before you,” he said on Wednesday Donald Tusk.

“This referendum is invalid in the deepest and broadest sense of the word,” Tusk said. – Some pretend that this is just a political game that PIS campaigning with public money. Some people got used to it, our strength is that we are not used to it, assured the PO leader.

Tusk said that “these questions that Kaczyński came up with are an indictment against PiS.”

Tusk: These questions that Kaczyński came up with are an indictment against PiSTVN24

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