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referendum on election day. Opposition politicians have doubts about the financing of the referendum campaign

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The referendum on the relocation of migrants raises many doubts. This time because of funding. Opposition politicians warn that if the elections and the referendum are held on the same day, the campaign will be one, and the expenses will theoretically come from different accounts. How to distinguish travels, spots, meetings and billboards between referendums and campaigns?

The “millionaires affair” is a topic that PiS would like to avoid in the campaign, because it is more convenient to combine elections with a referendum and focus on falsely presented dilemmas. However, the Civic Platform does not shy away from the topic, which is to be reminded by the cardboard images of the rulers and people associated with them, along with information on how much they have become rich since PiS took over power.

One of the sailors in Kołobrzeg compared his pension to the earnings of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Janusz Kowalski, who as a vice-president in a state-owned company, and he became it after PiS won the elections, earned an average of PLN 130,000 a month. A pensioner can count on PLN 1,836.67 a month.

Another objection of the opposition regarding the merger of the referendum and election campaign concerns the limits and rules on surpluses, which means that the referendum campaign is not subject to the electoral code. Politicians from the ruling camp will therefore be able to spend money on billboards, spots, on organizing visits and meetings without any restrictions and from any sources of financing. It is enough for them to do so in the subject of the referendum campaign with the question: “Do you accept the government’s policy that rejects the forced relocation of illegal immigrants?”.

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– Public funding of this issue will also finance persuasion to the government’s position, which absolutely should not take place, because it may affect the outcome of the election – points out Maciej Gutowski, attorney at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań.

Referendum campaign and election campaign

Ernest Bejda, one of the heroes of the Platform’s campaign, last year paid PLN 45,000 to PiS – similarly to Andrzej Jaworski, Małgorzata Sadurska and Piotr Nowak. All of them were once associated with PiS, and today in state-owned companies. Now, when each of them wants to donate money to the referendum campaign during the election campaign, they will be able to do so without any limits.

– If something is beneficial for Poland for Polish citizens, then looking for the second bottom in such an action is out of place – believes Ireneusz Zyska, deputy minister of culture, PiS MP.

According to a survey commissioned by “Rzeczpospolita”, over 52.1 percent of Poles believe that the referendum on the relocation of refugees should not be held together with the elections. On the other hand, almost 36.8 percent of respondents assessed the idea of ​​PiS positively.

PiS politicians appeared at Jasna Góra. The platform does not allow you to forget about the PiS millionairesArleta Zalewska/Fakty TVN

– In short, Kaczyński came up with the idea to pump out money from state-owned companies, from various institutions, for his campaign. The parliamentary campaign has its limitations: each of us, each of the politicians and parties, can spend a certain amount of money, and when it comes to the referendum campaign, “sky is the limit” – believes Dariusz Joński, an MP from the Civic Coalition.

Therefore, the opposition appeals to the National Electoral Commission to block the idea of ​​organizing a referendum on election day.

Main photo source: PAP/Andrzej Lange

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