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Referendum. PiS announces questions. Kinga Gajewska and Elżbieta Bińczycka comment

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Law and Justice is trying to impose electoral topics through a referendum, because it is unable to talk about the programme, said Kinga Gajewska, an MP from the Civic Coalition, in “Fakty po Faktach”, commenting on the questions announced by PiS for the referendum planned for the day of the parliamentary elections. Elżbieta Bińczycka from the Union of European Democrats assessed that “the referendum should be boycotted”. “It’s chutzpah, insolence,” she added.

On Friday Law and Justice started the action of presenting referendum questions. The first question – as announced by the PiS president Jaroslaw Kaczynski – will read: Do you support the sale of state-owned enterprises? Another referendum question was announced in a recording published on Saturday by the MEP, former Prime Minister Beata Szydło, and will read: Are you in favor of raising the retirement age to 60 for women and 65 for men today?

Kinga Gajewska, MP from the Civic Coalition, and Elżbieta Bińczycka, president of the Union of European Democrats, commented on the case in “Fakty po Faktach”.

Gajewska: PiS is trying to impose election topics through a referendum

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When asked whether she would take part in the referendum, MP Gajewska pointed out that the last time she Andrzej Duda wanted to bring about a referendum, “ten months of debate really got stuck with nothing.”

– The first referendum question was supposed to be immigrants. It turned out that it was actually a shot at PiS power itself. When we see the statistics, we have black and white 136,000 Muslim immigrants who received a work permit during the PiS era, and 3,000 during the PO era, she said.

– We have the same data for the question about the sale – she said. She cited statistics from 2017 that the number of state-owned enterprises was 34, while now there are 18. – They just sold our Polish gas stations, they sold Rafineria Gdańska for almost nothing, so all the questions we have are against them – she assessed .

Referring to the question of the retirement age, the KO MP pointed out that raising the retirement age “is not on the agenda of any political party at all.” – Today, the questions that people over 60 are interested in are about health care, about inflationregarding high prices – she enumerated.

PiS – Gajewska added – “is trying to impose electoral topics through a referendum, because they themselves are not able to actually talk about the program, they are not able to talk about the program with the opposition.”

Bińczycka: The referendum should be boycotted

Elżbieta Bińczycka assessed that “of course the referendum should be boycotted”. “It’s chutzpah, insolence,” she added.

When asked what the main topics of the campaign would be in her opinion, Bińczycka decided that these would be “topics important to women, i.e. the restoration of in vitro, i.e. procreation and those monstrous anti-abortion laws that they themselves did not dare (introduce), only Constitutional Court introduced it, and women are dying today.” – This is very important and I think that the female electorate will matter here. I am full of faith that Polish women will go to vote and that they will vote in such a way that they will not be afraid anymore and will be safe.

Bińczycka: I am full of faith that Polish women will voteTVN24

– Of course, the subject of high prices, of course, low pensions – she listed other topics – The society has already realized what this power is capable of, and above all, it sees that these are incompetent people – she said.

– It is the most terrifying thing that a large, 38-million-strong nation, a large country in Europe, is ruled by incompetent people, people with some strange ideas, gigantomania, because CPK, because contrary to people and everything that reasonable economists say, money is spent on the left and to the right, and forget what is most important. It is about health care, about education, which in the hands of Minister Czarnek is a terrifying attack on the upbringing and education of young Polish women and men, she said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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