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Refugees in Poland. Adam Bielan about migrants from Michałów and Frontex

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MEP Adam Bielan spoke about the migration crisis in “Kropka nad i”. – The Polish-Belarusian border must be well guarded and I do not want tens of thousands of migrants to come to Poland – he said. When asked about the presence of Frontex officers at the border, he replied: – They are bureaucrats.

The guest of Wednesday’s “Kropka nad i” was an MEP and president of the Republican Party Adam Bielan. At the beginning of the program, he was asked if he was considering the fate of migrants from Michałów. – I hope that these families with children are safe in Belarus. I hope they will return safely to their countries, he replied.

According to him, “the full responsibility for what is happening to these people rests with the regime of Alexander Lukashenka, which organized the action of transferring these people from Iraq, but also from Afghanistan, in order to punish Poland for actions supporting the opposition in Belarus.”

– These people had the opportunity to submit an application for international protection at the Border Guard post, at the post in Michałów, and did not do it – he continued. Monika Olejnik reacted to these words, reminding about recordingwhere you can hear: “We want asylum. We want to stay in Poland. Asylum – Poland. Citizen – Poland” in a foreign language.

Migrant in Michałów: we want to stay in Polandvotcza.pl

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Bielan replied that he had information that “the parents of these children made it clear that they wanted to apply for asylum in Germany”. – The Border Guard cannot transport them throughout the territory of Poland – he added.

When he drew attention to the recording again, Bielan replied: – I have other information. We all know these people want to move to Germany. They cross the borders with the European Union illegally, and the Belarusian-Polish border in order to get to Germany.


“These people are crossing borders illegally,” he repeated. According to Bielan, if migrants want to obtain asylum in Poland, “they should report to Polish diplomatic missions in Belarus”.

>> Migrants from Michałów sent to the border. Deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: if they wanted to apply for asylum, there is a consulate in Grodno

When asked if the children and their families who ended up in Michałów should be pushed to the border, Bielan replied that “the Polish-Belarusian border must be well guarded”. – And I don’t want tens of thousands of migrants to come to Poland, because only this week a day, for example, a thousand people from Iraq land at airports in Belarus. If you want to treat the hell associated with these migrants in Poland, please do not hesitate, but I do not agree – he said, addressing Olejnik.

Questions about Frontex operations at the border

The program also touched on the absence of Frontex at the Polish-Belarusian border. – Frontex are primarily bureaucrats – replied the MEP. He reminded me about Monday visit of the head of Frontex on the border.

– The external borders of the European Union are protected by border guards of individual Member States. In this case, the Polish Border Guard – he said. – Frontex is primarily bureaucrats who are just sitting, working in Warsaw, because Warsaw is the seat of Frontex – he added.

– The bureaucrats sitting at the Frontex headquarters in Warsaw will not protect the Polish-Belarusian border, he argued. He expressed the conviction that the Polish Border Guard “protects our borders well and effectively”.

Bielan pointed out that “Poland has been cooperating with the relevant EU agencies, not only with Frontex, from the very beginning of this crisis”. – After all, this crisis did not begin at the turn of July and August on the Polish-Belarusian border, because it has been going on for many months. The first target of Lukashenka’s attack was Lithuania, then Latvia. We are next – he described.

Adam Bielan in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24TVN24

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