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Refund of overpayment for health premium. Last day to submit an application

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Until Monday, June 5, entrepreneurs have time to submit an application for reimbursement of overpaid health insurance contributions. The application in this case should be submitted electronically on the Social Insurance Institution Electronic Services Platform.

ZUS reminded in the communication that in accordance with the regulations, if as a result of the annual settlement of health insurance contributions it turns out that the premium has been paid in an amount higher than the amount determined, the payer is entitled to its refund. An application for a refund of overpayment will be automatically created on the payer’s profile on the ZUS Electronic Services Platform. The prepared document should be checked and signed, and then sent to ZUS. – ZUS will transfer the overpayment to the bank account, which is registered in the contribution payer’s account, by August 3 at the latest – indicated Grzegorz Dyjak from the ZUS Headquarters, quoted in the communiqué.

You can apply for a refund online

An application for a refund of the overpayment resulting from the annual settlement will be created and made available on the payer’s profile on the ZUS Electronic Services Platform on the second day after identification with the payer’s account or the insured document with the annual settlement. The application for a refund to PUE ZUS will be available in the “Documents and messages, working documents” section. ZUS pointed out that if the annual settlement results in an overpayment, and no application for its return has been created on the payer’s profile at PUE ZUS, the contribution payer may prepare such an application on his own. This can be done by selecting the RZS-R application from the list of available documents in the working documents section. This document should be completed, indicating the amount of return that results from the annual settlement. This is the amount from item 27 in block XII ZUS DRA/III.F ZUS RCA. Entrepreneurs should also verify whether the account number suggested in the application, to which the refund is to be transferred, is correct or enter it manually.

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