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Rendziny. A three-year-old boy was throwing objects out of a fourth-story window. Mother was sleeping, she had over 3 per mille

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Objects were falling from an open window on the fourth floor of a block of flats. Residents noticed that a small child was throwing them away. They called the police, who knocked on the apartment door, but no one answered. They got in with the help of firefighters who broke down the door. A three-year-old boy was playing by the window, and his mother, completely drunk, was asleep.

The dangerous event took place on Thursday evening around 9 pm in Rędziny near Częstochowa.

– Residents of the block of flats notified the police that a small child on the fourth floor was throwing objects out of the window – describes Barbara Poznańska, a spokeswoman for the police in Częstochowa.

They found a three-year-old boy playing by an open window

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Police officers from the Kłomnice police station went to the site. They knocked on the door of the apartment in Rędziny, but no one opened it. Since the situation was dangerous, they decided to enter by force. They called the fire department for help. They broke down the door and went inside.

Poznańska: – There, by the open window, they found a three-year-old boy playing with various objects. Also inside was his 23-year-old mother, who was completely drunk. When she was woken up, she was tested for alcohol content in the body. The result was three per mille of alcohol.

The boy was throwing away everything he had at hand, including his clothes. Safe and sound, thanks to the quick reaction of neighbors and services, he was taken into the care of his grandmother. The mother was arrested and taken to the sobering-up centre. The police announce that they will question the woman after sobering up and notify the family court about the case.

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