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Monday, September 20, 2021

Renewable energy. Solar panels on the buildings of the cooperative. Millions of savings

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Solar panels not only on single-family houses. Cooperatives also want to use electricity from the sun. The reporter of the “Polska i Świat” magazine, Łukasz Wieczorek, checked whether the panels on the blocks could become a permanent part of the landscape of Polish cities and whether it was a chance to escape from rising electricity prices.

Not only the residents of single-family houses want to pay less for electricity. Cooperatives also want to avoid spikes in energy prices.

Solar panels on buildings mean lower fees

– We are in the process of implementing such a large project, the assembly of photovoltaic panels on 156 residential buildings – said Marcin Michalski, deputy president of the Górczyn Housing Cooperative in Gorzów Wielkopolski.

The cost is PLN 6.5 million. Some will come from the cooperative’s coffers, the rest will be paid by the European Union. According to the residents, this offers the possibility of lower bills. “We will pay less, it is only to enjoy – said the resident.

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The cooperative counts up to one million zlotys in savings per year.


– These are very large savings, i.e. several dozen zlotys per year on the apartment – said Marcin Michalski.

However, only energy charges in common areas are to be lower. Electricity bills in the apartment will not go down for now.

– The current provisions of the act on renewable energy allow the use of this energy produced by photovoltaic installations, such a common one, only to satisfy common needs. That is, to illuminate corridors, to power elevators – explained Emila Biernaciak from Enerad.pl.

Ultimately, residents are expected to pay less

Ultimately, the residents of blocks with panels on the roof will be able to lower their electricity bills thanks to the energy from the sun. The Union has already ordered Poland to introduce the relevant directive.

– I think that the implementation should take place by the end of the year, also depending on whether in the meantime Unai will release further documents, because then it will be necessary to adjust immediately to the next stage – said the director. Andrzej Kaźmierski, deputy director low-emission economy department at the Ministry of Development and Technology.

The first in Poland, this cooperative in Wrocław invested in panels. The plant currently produces 7 kilowatts of energy and this energy is now consumed by the common parts. And so, thanks to the power plant on the roof, on a sunny day, for example, the elevators run for free, and the surplus energy goes to the grid. After sunset, electricity goes to the block at a low price.

– Our residents de facto, if energy is used in real time, when the sun is shining, they pay nothing, and when this energy is used in the evening, they pay only 30 percent of the cost of this energy – said Marek Dera, deputy president of the Wrocław-Południe cooperative.

Electricity prices in 2022 – certain increases

Cooperatives defend themselves against increases in electricity prices as much as they can. There are many indications that there will be more. Coal becomes more expensive, we have to pay more for the production of CO2. – The fact that electricity prices will rise next year is certain – assessed Emila Biernaciak from Enerad.pl. – It is not expected that in the next 5, 10 and 15 years the trend of the increase in energy prices will be reversed – said Grzegorz Wiśniewski, Institute of Renewable Energy.

We asked the four largest operators if they were preparing a raise. We got two answers, but no particulars. Enea has not yet made a decision, Energa said it was confidential information. PGE and Tauron did not provide any answers.

– Our bills may increase by up to 20 percent – predicts Grzegorz Wiśniewski from the Institute of Renewable Energy.

Poles do not lack energy to generate energy. More than half a million households already produce electricity from the sun.

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