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Replacing tires with summer tires in 2023. How much is?

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How much does a tire change cost in 2023? Unfortunately, the prices of these services are also rising. What do they depend on? First of all, what matters is the size of the rim and its type, as well as, for example, whether the tires are equipped with pressure sensors. The increase in prices is also due to the rising costs of running workshops.

Tires in cars need to be replaced, safety on the roads – ours and other drivers – depends on their condition. We should think of it as an investment that will allow us to avoid the expense of repairing the car in the event of an accident.

How much does a tire change cost in 2023?

According to Dobry Mechanik, which cooperates with garages, prices increased by an average of 9% in the spring season. (price comparison in April 2023 to the last quarter of 2022). Prices increase with the size of the rim – an average of PLN 24 for each inch over 16.

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For the replacement of tires on an aluminum rim up to 16 “we will pay an average of PLN 143, for a 17″ aluminum rim it will be PLN 165, for 18″ the service costs PLN 186 on average, and for 19” it will be PLN 211. The largest costs will be borne by the owners of aluminum rims in size 21 “and larger – the price for the spring season 2023 is PLN 264. The increase did not spare steel rims – the cost of replacing the tire will be PLN 120,” the website states.

Increase in tire replacement prices [kwiecień 2023]DobryMechanik.pl

The service indicates that drivers driving SUVs, using run-flat tires, as well as those equipped with pressure sensors can expect an additional cost when replacing tires.

Tires swap. Prices in big cities

Opeo.pl also presented the average costs of tire replacement for the largest cities in Poland. In case of tires size 205/55 R16 for a steel rim on average, drivers in Szczecin, Kielce, Wrocław, Gdynia, Poznań, Gdańsk, Kraków and Warsaw pay the most.

The cheapest is currently in Radom (PLN 23 for one), and the most expensive is in Szczecin (PLN 38.5). The service notes that compared to last year, drivers have to pay more in as many as 17 out of 19 cities surveyed.

Tire replacement prices [marzec/kwiecień 2023]Cost for one tire size 205/55 R16 on a steel rim.Oponeo.pl

The biggest increase occurred in Sosnowiec, at the level of PLN 6 per tyre, where the current price is PLN 30. Only in Białystok and Katowice the average cost of tire replacement remained at the same level.

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