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Report “Black and White”. New findings regarding the hate scandal

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Journalists of “Black and white” TVN24 and the OKO.press portal reveal new facts about the hate scandal at the Ministry of Justice. Marta Gordziewicz shows how much truth there was in Zbigniew Ziobro's assurances that he did not know about the organization of attacks on independent judges. It also reveals where one of the hate social media accounts was created. Here are the most important themes of the report “The Boss's Request”.

On Monday, in “Black and White” on TVN24, the report “The Boss's Request” was published, which revealed new facts about the hate scandal. At the same time, the OKO.press portal published these findings in a text version. Here are the most important themes of the report.


What did Zbigniew Ziobro know?

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Marta Gordziewicz from “Black and white” and Mariusz Jałoszewski from OKO.press obtained evidence that proves that Zbigniew Ziobrowhen he was Minister of Justice, he was informed about plans to slander at least one judge by a group gathered around the then deputy minister Łukasz Piebiak, fighting independent judges opposed to the politicization of the judiciary under the rule of the United Right.

So far, Zbigniew Ziobro has distanced himself from the hate scandal at the Ministry of Justice – he claimed that he knew nothing about it, and the only person from the ministry's management who suffered the political consequences of the scandal was the then deputy minister. Łukasz Piebiak resigned after the ministry announced that Zbigniew Ziobro “disapproved of the circumstances described in the Onet article, which revealed the hate scandal in August 2019.

According to the findings of “Black and white” and OKO.press, Łukasz Piebiak sent an e-mail to Zbigniew Ziobro's private mailbox, which he received from the deputy disciplinary spokesman for judges, Przemysław Radzik – it was a report on plans to prepare an unspecified publication intended to harm judge Waldemar Żurek.

The content of the e-mail shows that the publication about Żurek was to be created in retaliation for the judge's critical statements about the nomination Kamil Zaradkiewicz – a former colleague of Zbigniew Ziobro – to the Supreme Court and questioning the legality of changes introduced in the judiciary by the United Right.

Zbigniew Ziobro and Łukasz PiebiakTVN24

KastaWatch account created at the Ministry of Justice

The authors of the material also confirmed in several independent sources that the hate social account KastaWatch (JusticeWatch) was created on a computer with an IP belonging to the Ministry of Justice. IP is a digital address that allows you to determine from where data was sent to the Internet.

KastaWatch disclosed materials intended to discredit judges who opposed the political subordination of the judiciary. It happened that information about disciplinary and explanatory proceedings against independent judges, initiated by the judge's disciplinary spokesman Zbigniew Ziobro, was published on this account before the interested parties themselves learned about them.

At the same time, this profile published content supporting changes in the judiciary by the United Right.

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