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Reportage “Attention” TVN. The dirty business of the telemarketing business

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“I see your son’s soul, which wants to help you very much”, “I guarantee you will win up to PLN 5 million” – such things are often heard by the elderly, the sick and the desperate. Journalistic investigation “Attention!” TVN reveals the dirty business of a company that developed and implemented a system of selling useless products for huge money over the phone.

The company where Maciej Rabenda worked owes its success to the use of a system of customer manipulation techniques during telesales. Under strong pressure, people buy e.g. patches that are supposed to get rid of severe pain and others that guarantee quick weight loss.

Journalists “Notes!” TVN decided to see if the miraculous treatment would work. They purchased transdermal patches sold for PLN 272. For another PLN 150, they bought a pack of painkillers. The parcels arrived the next day.


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The ingredients contained guarana extract, acai berry extract, green tea extract. The ingredients of the preparations were the same – both for pain and slimming. Reporters asked the expert if there is a chance that the purchased patches will slim down or fight pain?

– It is not possible for these substances to act through the skin. They will not be absorbed through the skin, they will not reach our circulatory system – says prof. Krzysztof J. Filipiak, clinical pharmacologist, cardiologist and internist. And he adds: “The same with pain. These substances do sometimes have an analgesic effect, even cayenne pepper has these types of substances that can act on some superficial, neuroleptic pains, but it has to be taken orally.”

– We cannot use this type of substance in patches. It won’t help anything, also the amount of this substance contained in the patch is very small. Therefore, it is impossible to imagine that it would work pharmacologically – explains Prof. Krzysztof J. Filipiak.

Guided by the information on the packaging, reporters tried to find the manufacturer of the miracle patches. In this way, they reached the Chinese company’s huge wholesale platform, where almost identical patches can be bought online. With an order of 10,000 leaves, for one we will pay only 7 cents, i.e. about 30 groszy. This means that the entire purchased set is worth a few zlotys at the most. For orders over 30,000 strips with patches, the manufacturer will print on the packaging any imprint invented by us.

What about the company? Just outside the door of the telesales office, reporters encountered a strange situation. Even though the staff were inside, no one came out or even answered the intercom. After several minutes, security personnel appeared next to the journalists. – You can’t stay here. Please leave the room, they heard.

“Satanic VIP Lounge”

– What was happening in the team I was in, the medical team, is nothing compared to what was happening in the esoteric team. It was really a satanic VIP lounge – says Mr. Maciej.

The most ruthless telesellers from the department called esoteric sell, often to elderly and sick customers, items that are supposed to ensure health, love, and even guarantee winning millions in the lottery.

Telemarketers are not stopped by the fact that their victims lack money for basic needs. In this case, they use emotional blackmail and even shout at customers. – She (an older woman – ed.) does not know what she buys, from whom she buys. He doesn’t know what his rights are. He doesn’t know where to send it back in case of withdrawal. I think that the law enforcement authorities should verify whether any crimes have been committed, says attorney Natalia Seweryn, a specialist in consumer affairs.

The Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register shows that the company, which has been operating for several years, is owned by a man and a woman, and its president is 59-year-old Wojciech G. It is impossible to find detailed information about any of these people, and the official seat of the company is located in the very center of Warsaw.

– This is a virtual office. This means that the company rents a mailing address from us. There is no headquarters here as such – the reporters of “Notes!” TVN. But they left a letter. The management of the company received an invitation for an interview in front of the camera. Journalists also asked several questions, including: why telesellers guarantee the effectiveness of products that cannot help, on what basis they promise customers millions of winnings and why they use strong emotional blackmail in conversations. They did not receive any response to our letter.

Mrs. Halina

One of the most cruel victims treated by the company is 83-year-old Halina. We have reached a recording of a conversation in which a seller with the pseudonym Sardo, Adrian B. from the esoteric department, tries to persuade her to buy for almost half an hour.

– I see here the soul of your son, first of all, who cries a lot and wants to help you very much. Parents are also very desperate, because I see despair in these elderly souls – said the telemarketer.

Adrian B. is the only seller of the company known to us by name who is active on the Internet after hours. There it offers paid advice on a healthy lifestyle. Under the guise of consulting on this subject, we managed to talk to him.

– If we want to talk about work in consulting, then absolutely. The Lord talks to me about some strange things. I can’t raise any other issue with you than the one I’m dealing with, hedged B. “As for the allegations that I don’t understand, I won’t talk to you,” he said.

Reports “Notes!” TVN can also be watched on the website vod.pl and on player.pl

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