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Reportage “King of poachers”. Author Michał Fuja about ” bestial behavior towards animals

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We have entered a world to which hunters defend access on a daily basis. We participate in drunken hunts organized by a very high-ranking professor. His character, the way of hunting, makes them bestial behavior towards animals – said on Saturday on TVN24 Michał Fuja, the author of the report “Superwizjer” TVN “King of Poachers”.

Aggression, hunting at night under the influence of alcohol, as well as brutal and ruthless behavior towards shot animals. This is only a fraction of the irregularities committed by a well-known professor. Paweł P. is a close friend of church dignitaries and the most important politicians in the country. He is also a hunter who until recently headed the Supreme Hunting Council. Several of the hunts organized by the professor were recorded using hidden cameras. It’s all in Michał Fuji’s reportage “King of poachers”, which will be broadcast on Saturday in “Superwizjer” at 8 pm on TVN24. Just now the report can be watched on TVN24 GO.

“His position in this hunter’s world makes it go unpunished”

The author of the material “King of poachers” said on Saturday morning in “Wstasz i weekend” on TVN24 that “we have entered a world to which hunters defend access every day.” – We participate in hunting under the influence of alcohol, drunk, arranged by a very high-ranking professor – he added.

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– His character, the way he hunts makes it look like this is bestial behavior towards animals, that there is a lot of alcohol. However, his power, position in this world of hunters means that this is unpunished – noted Michał Fuja.

– The professor surrounds himself with a circle of simple people, local farmers who aspire to be a member of a hunting club, and this makes it easy to manipulate them. These people will do anything for the professor, because in return they receive either game or the opportunity to hunt with him – he said.

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