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RES. Offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea – comments Deputy Minister of Climate Ireneusz Zyska

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At the end of 2025, the first offshore wind farms will be connected to the national energy system, said Deputy Minister of Climate Ireneusz Zyska. He explained that it was about 6 gigawatts (GW) of installed capacity. In his opinion, within 10-15 years Poland may become one of the leaders in this industry in Europe.

– The first phase of the development of offshore wind energy is already underway. It is based on the decisions issued by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) until June 2021. The Energy Regulatory Office issued them for five investors who are implementing nine projects in the Polish part of the South Baltic Sea and these projects are in no way threatened, Deputy Minister of Climate said in an interview with PAP and environment Ireneusz Zyska.

Offshore wind farms in the Polish system

– At the end of 2025, the first wind farms will be connected to the national energy system and will generate electricity in 2026 – according to plans that have been approved and are being implemented. 2027 – 2028 is the time when offshore wind energy will be in full force on the Polish Baltic Sea – emphasized Zyska.

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The Deputy Minister informed that in the first phase it will be “5.9 GW, nearly 6 GW of installed capacity”. – The largest power plant in Europe – the Bełchatów power plant has 5.4 GW of installed capacity – compared Zyska, adding that energy from offshore wind farms, in accordance with the regulation on the maximum price, will not be more expensive than PLN 1.60 per 1 MWh.

– This is how it was adopted in the executive regulation of March 2021 to the Act on promoting electricity generation in offshore wind farms, which sets this price as the maximum price for the first phase of development of this sector, i.e. for those projects that together determine the energy value of the installed capacity 5 .9 gigawatts – said the deputy minister.

He noted that the Baltic Sea has “one of the best wind conditions not only in Europe, but also in the world, comparable to the conditions in the North Sea, because it is stable.” – It allows you to achieve wind turbine efficiency at the level of 45, perhaps even up to 50 percent. This is really very high – assessed Zyska.

Windmills at sea

He informed that there is great interest from Polish companies such as Orlen, PGE, Polenergia and others, as well as companies from around the world, in the construction of wind farms in the Polish area of ​​the Baltic Sea.

– These are the largest energy producers in various sea basins in the world. I believe that over the next 10-15 years, Poland may be one of the leaders of offshore wind energy in Europe – assessed Zyska.

He also pointed out that the investments that are being made as part of the development of offshore wind energy in Poland are already forming the entire production chain for the needs of the new branch of the economy.

The construction of the Baltic Towers factory in Gdańsk, which is to produce towers for offshore wind farms, announced on Thursday by the Industrial Development Agency and the Spanish investor GRI Renewable Industries SL, will not be the only one, pointed out Ireneusz Zyska.

He reminded that a wind turbine factory by Vestas is to be built in the Szczecin-Świnoujście port complex. – They will produce turbines for both offshore and onshore wind energy. In the Szczecin region, in Goleniów, there is a factory of propellers for land and sea windmills, mentioned Zyska.

He also said that the process of signing contracts, supplies from producers of towers, turbines, foundations, cables leading energy power to land, transformer stations, etc. is underway.

– The preparatory process for the construction of an installation terminal for offshore wind farms in Świnoujście is in progress. The second terminal is to be built in Gdańsk together with DCT Gdańsk. As a result, we obtain places enabling sailing to the sea to carry out the execution process of the investment – the construction of farms – pointed out Zyska.

He emphasized that the government wants as many components for offshore wind farms as possible to be manufactured in Poland.

– It’s high time to join all these elements together and build a strong sector in Poland, which will be based on Polish producers, also with the participation of foreign investors – said Zyska.

However, he added that “we do not have experience in Poland, we do not have technology and today, at this first stage of development of the sector, we are somehow doomed to global companies” implementing these projects in Poland. – Thanks to them, we can create this sector as a very professional one. They also invite us to cooperate, allowing us to build know-how, increase competences on the Polish side, as well as implement technological solutions that are part of Polish science – emphasized Zyska.

He noted that Polish scientists have “great solutions that could not be implemented so far.” – Together we will lead to the fact that in the 1930s Polish companies will be the ones that will expand in this area around the world – said Zyska.

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