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Reservation of the PESEL number. Application template – how to register your PESEL number at the commune office?

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It is possible to reserve your PESEL number at the commune office. To use this solution, you must complete an application. Its model was set out in the regulation that entered into force on Friday. We explain what information must be provided in such an application.

From Friday you can block your PESEL number. According to the regulations, this can be done by any adult holder of a PESEL number via the website mobywatel.gov.pl or at the commune office. A template application for blocking or withdrawing the blocking of the PESEL number submitted to the municipal authority was published in the regulation of the Minister of Digitization, which entered into force on Friday.

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The application form consists of two pages and must be completed in capital letters.

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Sample application for blocking the PESEL number

At the beginning, you must provide the data of the person to whom the application concerns: PESEL number, name(s) and surname. You must also consent to transferring your name, surname and PESEL number to the register.

Additionally, you can provide a mobile phone number and e-mail address. This is not obligatory, but – as noted – “it will facilitate contact regarding blocking or withdrawing the blocking of the PESEL number”.

The applicant has two options. You can apply to block your PESEL number or withdraw your PESEL number. To do this, you need to put an “X” in the appropriate place.

First pagegov.pl

It is also possible to submit an application by: legal guardian, curator or representative. The fields to be completed in this case are on the second page of the application. When submitting an application as a guardian or curator, you must provide your name and surname as well as the type, series and number of the identity document. If you submit an application as a representative, you must also write a justification for submitting the application.

“Submitting an application by proxy is possible in the event of illness, disability or other insurmountable obstacle,” it was explained.

The last step is to enter the city, date and the applicant’s handwritten signature.

At the end there is also a place for official annotations, which are filled in by the official. This is about how to determine the identity of the person submitting the application.

Second pagegov.pl

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