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Resignation of Adam Niedzielski, problem with issuing prescriptions. Law and Justice MP Józefa Szczurek-Żelazko comments

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There could be a gap in the system for a few hours, but the patient could always receive a paper prescription, argued Józef Szczurek-Żelazko in “One for One”. The PiS MP was asked on TVN24 about problems with the system of issuing prescriptions for psychotropic and painkillers, signaled by doctors. The former deputy health minister also spoke about the resignation of the head of the health ministry.

The guest of Radomir Wit on Wednesday was an MP PISformer deputy health minister Józefa Szczurek-Żelazko, who was asked about the assessment of Adam Niedzielski’s resignation from the function of health minister announced yesterday.

It’s the Prime Minister’s decision. The prime minister selects the members of the government and is also responsible for their work. He made the decision after the whole situation related to some distortions that appeared in the public space regarding the abuse of the electronic prescription system – she replied.

When asked what these distortions were about, the PiS MP emphasized that “the system was created so that patients had easier access to medicines”.

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– Unfortunately, there have been situations where doctors have abused this system. One of the doctors, including in your station, said that it was not possible to issue prescriptions for psychotropic and strong drugs and patients were deprived of treatment by the decision of the Minister of Health – she said.

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Józefa Szczurek-Żelazko in “One on One”TVN24

In her opinion, “the Minister of Health, in fact, in the protection of patients, has shown that such a possibility really exists and patients are not at risk.”

– This doctor signaled a problem with issuing electronic prescriptions for psychotropic drugs. Such situations can happen in any IT system – she continued. – If it is not possible to issue electronic prescriptions, each doctor can always issue a paper form – she added.

The MP did not answer the question whether the situation about which the doctors were alarming that it was not possible to issue combined prescriptions actually happened. – The patient’s well-being is paramount. If the patient always has access to the prescription and the drug, it cannot be said that patients are deprived of treatment, she maintained.

The PiS MP admitted that “the gap in the system could be several hours”, but “the patient could always receive a paper prescription”.

When asked why the Minister of Health was dismissed, the MP repeated that “the Prime Minister made such a decision”. “In the rationale for this decision, he said there was a miscommunication,” she added. When asked about her assessment of the situation, Szczurek-Żelazko once again said that “in the opinion of the head of the government, who is the direct superior of the ministers, Minister Niedzielski made a communication error and is responsible for it.”

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Adam Niedzielski as Minister of Health will be replaced by Katarzyna Sójka – an internist, PiS MP, member of the parliamentary health committee. In June, when protests for women’s rights took place in Polish cities after the death of 33-year-old Dorota, she stated that “women, unfortunately, have died, are dying and will die.”

>> Katarzyna Sójka is to replace Niedzielski. It was she who said that “women unfortunately died, are dying and will die”

– The minister has a very brave and difficult task – stressed Szczurek-Żelazko in “One for One”. “I think it’s important that he comes from a medical background and knows these issues. It is also important to understand what is being discussed with the communities. She is an experienced doctor, an internist, and her activity among patients is very well appreciated. I think it will also find recognition in the political field, she said.

She also assessed that the recalled statement by MP Sójka was “out of context”.

When asked why the Minister of Health appointed a team to develop and enforce the implementation of various types of recommendations regarding perinatal care, including making decisions about abortion, she replied: – It means that the observance of the law is not entirely as it should be to be.

Main photo source: TVN24

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