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Resignations of generals. He left the reserves himself last year. “The events that took place a few months ago are the beginning of this apparition

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There is a complete lack of trust between civilian supervision and the army – according to Dr. Hab. Adrian Siadkowski, former soldier, reason for the resignation of the commanders of the Polish Army. – I had the opportunity to cooperate with Minister Mariusz Błaszczak, I know how he works.

Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army, General Rajmund Andrzejczak and operational commander of the armed forces, Lieutenant General Tomasz Piotrowski they resigned from their positions. On Tuesday, the president officially accepted their resignations and appointed new commanders to replace them. They became them Lieutenant General Wiesław Kukuła and Major General Maciej Klisz.

– I believe that the events that took place a few months ago are the beginning of this phenomenon – comments Dr. Hab. Adrian Siadkowski, former soldier, former member of the Smolensk subcommittee and political scientist.

Several elements came together

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Commenting on the series of resignations, he says that there is currently a complete lack of trust between civilian supervision and the military. As he emphasizes, civilian supervision of the army does not mean ruling the army, and this is what it has been looking like recently.

He means, among other things, events that took place after the remains of an aerial object were found in the forest near Bydgoszcz. – I think this is a process that started in a relationship with a rocket near Bydgoszcz and the minister’s public statement was the beginning of a process that has now been completed – he says.

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Colonel Siadkowski adds that Minister Błaszczak never forgives. In this case, it limited the competences of both generals. – I had the opportunity to cooperate with Minister Błaszczak, I know how he works. I know perfectly well, and I say this with full responsibility, that these situations, which are not convenient from a political point of view, are simply ignored (by him – editor) and the people responsible for them are dismissed – he says.

According to Siadkowski, several elements influenced the generals’ decisions. Apart from what happened a few months ago with the rocket near Bydgoszcz, also the recent involvement of the Polish Army in the election campaign, taking photos in front of soldiers, and various types of military picnics, but also the issue of disclosing the report and plans FOR THIS by Minister Błaszczak.

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– Revealing strategic defense documents of Poland and NATO during the election campaign definitely arouses resistance. Please imagine that the services that work for Poland’s security abroad have to work really hard to obtain such materials, and here the Minister of National Defense is almost handing out one of many variants that were considered at various stages of a possible conflict. armed – he emphasizes.

Siadkowski also draws attention to what happened during the evacuation of our compatriots Israel. In his opinion, these commanders were removed from the entire operation and this was also related to their resignations.

In his opinion, the date of their resignation is not accidental and is related to the upcoming… elections. In this way, as he explains, the commanders wanted to draw attention to the problems that exist Polish army and the doubts that plague the generals, for example regarding the disclosure of NATO plans.

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He did not sign the commission’s report

Colonel Adrian Siadkowski joined the reserve in February 2022. He then wrote a letter to Minister Błaszczak, explaining why he was leaving the Polish Army and the Smolensk subcommittee in which he sat. He was then the only person from this subcommittee who decided not to sign the report.

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