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Restaurateurs versus the State Treasury. The catering industry has filed a class action, estimated losses amount to over PLN 211 million

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On Monday, a class action was filed in the District Court in Warsaw regarding the determination of the State Treasury’s liability for damages caused to the catering industry in 2020-2021, the Polish Gastronomy Chamber of Commerce informed.

The lawsuit covers the periods from March 13, 2020 to May 17, 2020 and from October 24, 2020 to May 27, 2021.

As reported by IGGP, the lawsuit concerns “unlawful acts and omissions in the exercise of public authority in connection with the occurrence of an epidemic threat and the state of the COVID-19 epidemic”.

Estimated damage to restaurateurs is over PLN 211 million

“Statements for the lawsuit were submitted by 279 business entities operating a total of 385 catering establishments. The total damage of these 279 entrepreneurs is estimated at over PLN 211 million. In the following days, 21 companies whose documents are still being processed by the Polish Gastronomy Chamber of Commerce (IGGP) will join the lawsuit. Other aggrieved gastronomic entrepreneurs may still join the lawsuit filed in court through IGGP – we read in the Chamber’s announcement.

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The process of preparing a class action against the State Treasury was launched at the beginning of February this year.

– The government does not receive e-mails. I wrote e-mails asking them not to leave us. I was even begging for help. Unfortunately, to no avail. I was only advised that I could take a loan, but I already have a loan. Therefore, my determination reached its zenith and I decided that we would either do something or obey the government’s orders – said Dorota Rydygier, restaurateur from Krakow and vice president of the board of IGGP, in an interview with TVN24.

Class action – court sealChamber of Commerce of Polish Gastronomy

Visit to the seat of the Supreme Audit Office

IGGP also informed that immediately after the filing of the class action, documents confirming irregularities in the activities of the Polish Development Fund in granting aid subsidies to the catering industry in 2021 were submitted to the office of the President of the Supreme Audit Office, Marian Banas.

“These documents were submitted by the IGGP Board represented by Jacek Czauderna – president of the board of IGGP, Dorota Rydygier – vice president of the board of IGGP – at the same time the plaintiff of the main class action and Sławomir Grzyb – secretary general of IGGP in the presence of attorney Jacek Dubois from Dubois i Wspólnicy, which represents entrepreneurs in the class action “- it was written in the release .

As added, the submitted documentation of the activities of IGGP and its members is to help in controlling the PFR and other state institutions. “From the very beginning, IGGP published in its social channels messages calling on entrepreneurs aggrieved by PFR to report in order to check the correctness of the rejection of their applications. Only 15.5 thousand companies from 76 thousand food outlets that were still registered for March 2021 ” the Chamber indicated.

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