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Results of the European Parliament elections 2024. Third Way and the Left – what happened in the headquarters

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There were speeches by party leaders in front of the cameras, there were congratulations to the expected winners. And what happened behind the scenes of the European Parliament elections? Reporters Agata Adamek, Arleta Zalewska and Radomir Wit talked about it in the “W Kuluarach” program on TVN24.

Poll election results. Special service tvn24.pl

Late poll results Ipsos studio shows that the Civic Coalition won the most votes in the European Parliament elections – 37.4 percent. Law and Justice won 35.7 percent of the votes, Confederation – 11.8 percent, Third Way – 7.3 percent, Left – 6.6 percent. The Civic Coalition and PiS are equal in the number of seats they will receive in the European Parliament. The turnout was 40.20 percent. Earlier exit poll results indicated a more decisive victory for the Civic Coalition.

“Conditional examination” for the Left

Representatives of all the largest parties reacted to the first survey results. However, in the “W Kuluarach” program on TVN24, reporters – Agata Adamek, Arleta Zalewska and Radomir Wit – talked about what these reactions looked like from behind the scenes.

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Agata Adamek observed the relations within the Left's headquarters.

– Before the start of the election night and before the announcement of the poll results, some people said that this was a resit exam for the Left. Others even joked that it is a conditional exam that college pays for. Well, the question is who will pay for this conditional exam, in which the Left will probably take three seats in the European Parliament, which is a result that is absolutely below expectations, she said.

– What kind of election night is it when the leader hides in the second row and doesn't make a speech? – she continued, referring to the attitude of Włodzimierz Czarzasty.

She pointed out that some people put on a good face for a bad game. – They pretended, they pretended a lot. Some people said more directly that it was difficult to call this result a victory, but there were also those (…) who claimed that it was not a defeat at all – the reporter continued.

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The Third Way and the result “much below expectations”

Arleta Zalewska observed the reactions at the Third Way headquarters.

She pointed out that the same voices as those in the Left's headquarters were also present in Third Way. – It's just that her body language betrayed it. Well, it was just a failure, much, much below expectations, she said.

– But there is no point in cheating that they (representatives of the Third Way – ed.) emphasized the message that was clearly sent via text message to everyone, that “this is not our election, it was the most difficult campaign”, “our voters stayed at home “. The only question is why they weren't mobilized by Third Way politicians, she said.

Main photo source: PAP/Marcin Obara

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