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Retirement age in Poland. The OECD proposes changes. The family minister comments

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Retirement after reaching the appropriate age should be a choice, not a compulsion, said the Minister of Family and Social Policy Marlena Maląg on Wednesday. In this way, she referred to the OECD recommendation, which indicated the need to change the regulations on the retirement age in Poland.

At Wednesday’s press conference, family minister Marlena Maląg and the president ZUS prof. Gertruda Uścińska asked when it would be necessary to raise the retirement age due to unfavorable demographic factors.

Introduction of such a solution recommends Poland Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Its latest report points out that future retirees will receive lower and lower benefits compared to the average wage.

Incentives to stay in the labor market

Family Minister Marlena Maląg, referring to this issue, said that the transition to retirement after reaching the appropriate age should be a choice, not a compulsion, which is why the government has introduced many instruments encouraging people to stay longer in the labor market. As she pointed out, this is for example PIT 0 for seniors.

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– We did not restore the retirement age (60 years for women, 65 years for men – PAP) to work on extending it now – said the head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

“Retirement depends on how much capital we accumulate”

The president of ZUS also referred to this topic. – Since 1999, a pension system has been in force in Poland, which is based on the fact that the pension depends on how long we work, how much capital we accumulate and when we retire. This is a system that is safer for the state, even in the face of demographic challenges, than the old pension system, which was very expensive – assessed prof. Uścińska.

As she added, it is necessary to inform about the fact that contributions must be paid and the state of one’s retirement account must be controlled. – This will later determine the amount of the pension – how many years we work, how much capital we accumulate and when we retire – noted the head of ZUS.

She emphasized that the labor market should draw on the experience, knowledge and competences of people aged 60+. – The pension calculator introduced in 2017 was an instrument that was supposed to help in making such decisions. He enjoys great success. 30 million calculations were made there, which means that there is an improvement in the state of information and awareness of where the pension comes from – pointed out prof. Uścińska.

Retirement age in Poland

The general retirement age in Poland varies according to gender and amounts to 60 years for women and 65 years for men.

The PO-PSL government introduced a reform in 2013, which assumed that men and women were to retire at the age of 67. The changes were spread over time – the retirement age was to increase gradually until 2020 for men and 2040 for women. He reverted these changes PIS in 2017.

– I will certainly not return to the forced increase of the retirement age – said the head of the PO on Tuesday in Łódź Donald Tusk.

– The reactions of people in Poland were mostly unequivocal. We do not want coercion in this matter. I will certainly not go back, and it is out of the question, to a model in which we force people to work longer hours. Here the reaction was unequivocal. People should want to work longer, and therefore we need to think about a system of motivation and education that will make Poles realize that the shorter you work, the more your pension will resemble an allowance that will barely suffice for life, he added.

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