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Reuters: The US has advised Ukraine to hold off on an offensive until it receives the latest arms shipments

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US officials are advising Ukraine to hold off a major offensive against Russia until it receives a new shipment of weapons, Reuters reported. The priority should be to train Ukrainian soldiers in the use of the latest weapons that are to be delivered to Ukraine.

The authorities in Washington advised the leaders Ukrainefor Kyiv to put on hold plans for a broad offensive against Russian troops until the latest shipments of U.S. weapons have been transferred and the necessary training of troops has been carried out, Reuters reported on Friday from an anonymous source in the U.S. administration.

Tvn24.pl report: 332nd day of the armed invasion Russia to Ukraine

The purpose of the recent U.S. talks with Ukraine was to obtain guarantees that the Ukrainian side would spend enough time to train its military in the use of the newest weapons supplied by Ukraine. United States the agency’s source said.

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The Americans want Kyiv to devote enough time to training its militaryRONALD WITTEK/PAP/EPA

The US does not intend to support Kiev with deliveries of Abrams tanks for the time being, Reuters added. Identical information has been provided by high-ranking representatives in recent days Pentagonincluding the secretary of defense Lloyd Austin during Friday’s meeting of the contact group for defense support to Ukraine at the base in Ramstein, Germany.

US sends military support to Ukraine

On Thursday evening, the Pentagon announced a new military aid package for Ukraine. It contains armaments worth USD 2.5 billion, including 90 Stryker wheeled personnel carriers, 59 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and Avenger air defense systems.

According to the list published by the Ministry of Defense, the US intends to transfer over 550 vehicles to Ukraine, including 90 Strykers, 59 Bradleys, 53 MRAPs and 350 Humvees (HMMWVs).

Additionally, the package included ammunition for NASAMS air defense systems, over 100,000. artillery ammunition of various calibers, as well as HARM anti-radar rockets.

It was already the 30th military aid package for Kiev announced by the US during Ukraine’s war with Russia. The total value of the equipment promised so far is USD 26.7 billion.

Main photo source: RONALD WITTEK/PAP/EPA

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