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Riccione fights cigarette butts. No smoking on the shore

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The authorities of the Italian resort of Riccione on the Adriatic, visited by thousands of tourists from all over Europe, introduced a ban on smoking on the seafront from Saturday in a strip of five meters of beach from the waterline. The regulations took effect on the opening day of the season and before the mass arrivals at Easter.

For the time being, at least this year, you can still smoke under an umbrella, noted the daily Corriere della Sera. The newspaper stressed that the new regulation aims to prevent pollution not only of the sand, but also of the sea with cigarette butts, which are one of the most common types of waste. A similar ban is introduced by other resorts, for example in nearby Rimini, a city considered the summer seaside “capital” Italian.

Smokers also praise the ban

The ban, it was explained, is the result of an agreement between the local authorities and representatives of the tenant industry and beach owners.

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– This is a decision that aims at sustainable care for the environment and ensuring appropriate conditions on the beaches. There are ashtrays under the umbrellas, but those who walk along the seafront throw cigarette butts into the water, said the mayor of Riccione, Daniela Angelini.

Local media reported that the new rule was welcomed even by some smokers, who are indignant at seeing cigarette butts thrown on the seashore and on the sand where children play.

The beach is not for men

In 2007, Riccione was famous for a different reason. The resort authorities came up with a solution for women tired of men’s loving gazes – a beach was created where men were forbidden to enter. The ban applied not only to men, but also to mothers with children. Dogs were allowed on the beach.

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