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Riots in France. Journalist Piotr Moszyński: There has been a serious radicalization of public opinion. He wants order restored

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Over the past few days, several thousand people have been arrested in France, so there has been a weakening of the human resources of these most radical groups in a sense – said Piotr Moszyński, correspondent of “Gazeta Wyborcza” on TVN24, referring to the authorities’ information that last night in the country where there are riots after death of a teenager shot during a police intervention, she was calmer. The journalist also noted that in response to the actions of the rioters, “there has also been a really serious radicalization of public opinion on the other side” that “demands” the restoration of order. “The authorities have to reckon with this and last night they seemed to have reckoned with it,” he added.

The French Interior Ministry announced on Sunday morning that More than 700 people were arrested in France last night of riots and clashes with the police. For the second night in a row of riots across the country, 45,000 police and gendarmes were mobilized, 7,000 of them in Paris alone. Additional troops were sent to, among others, Lyon, Grenoble and Marseille, where the most serious clashes took place on the night from Friday to Saturday. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin tweeted that the night was calmer thanks to the decisive action of the security forces.

Another night of riots and clashes with the police in ParisPAP/EPA/MOHAMMED BADRAEPA

Piotr Moszyński, the correspondent of “Gazeta Wyborcza”, spoke on Sunday morning in TVN24’s “Wstasz i weekend” about the riots and what happened last night.

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He noted that the rioters were overwhelmingly in the 12 to 18 age bracket. As he said, “the primary cause of the outbreak of these riots, i.e. the death of a 17-year-old at the hands of a policeman, has been completely separated, which caused outrage, which in a sense could even be called right in the initial phase.” However, he added that “later on, it quickly turned into a generalized rebellion, an outburst of frustration, aggression, which boiled down to the destruction of virtually everything that was in sight, assisted by the looting of stores.” He noted that there was damage “on a large scale, unprecedented so far in France“.

A burning car in Nanterre, near ParisPAP/EPA/MOHAMMED BADRA

“There has been a weakening of the human resources of these most radical groups”

– It must be said that this last, fifth night in a row of riots has already brought events on a smaller scale than they have been before – said the journalist. In his opinion, “factors such as taking lessons from the previous night by law enforcement and authorities worked.” – They figured out where more or less these, I don’t know what to call them, rebels or demonstrators who do the most damage come from, what is their social profile. And therefore, the organization of the reaction of the authorities and security forces to these events was also better – he said.

– Besides, something happened, let’s say quite simple, namely, during those five nights, several thousand people were arrested. The cases of many of them are already being prepared for referral to the courts. It does not encourage them to go out on the streets now, he pointed out. – In a sense, there has been a weakening of the human resources of these most radical groups. At the moment, many of these people are either in detention or at home, but they know that if they are caught again, they will already be treated as repeat offenders, because their cases are already on their way to the courts. This is the first thing, he noted.

Police in the streets of ParisPAP/EPA/MOHAMMED BADRA

Moszyński: the authorities must take into account public opinion that demands radical measures

– The second is that in response to the very radical actions of these rioters, on the other hand, there was also a really serious radicalization of public opinion. I mean, the latest polls indicate that requests such as insert state of emergencyor the introduction of the principle that juveniles will be tried according to the same rules as adults, that is, that they will be threatened with prison sentences, and not small ones, are at the level of 70 percent – said Moszyński.

He noted that “this is already a serious level and it can be said that the authorities feel the breath of public opinion on their backs, which, however, demands very radical measures in relation to all these people, and it is quite common to demand that order be restored.”

“The authorities have to reckon with this and last night they seemed to have reckoned with it,” he added.

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