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Rises for deputy ministers, deputies and senators. PFR vice-president Bartosz Marczuk and economist Rafał Mundry comment

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The raises for deputy ministers, deputies and senators have become a fact today. This idea met with a favorable response from the vice-president of the Polish Development Fund, Bartosz Marczuk, who believes it is “a great decision”. His words were referred to by economist Rafał Mundry, who drew attention to the recent wage freeze in the budget.

Salary increases for deputy ministers, deputies and senators

President Andrzej Duda on Friday signed a regulation introducing increases for deputy ministers. The new provisions will also benefit deputies and senators, whose salaries depend on the amount of the deputy ministers’ earnings. The new regulations mean increases of several thousand for deputy ministers, heads of central offices, the president of the NBP and many others. Higher salaries are valid from Sunday, August 1.


“Finally. The people of key importance for the functioning of the state – including the very important ones – deputy ministers, will earn more. Their current salaries do not reflect the scale of responsibility and commitment to the detriment of all of us. No matter who is in charge, of course,” Marczuk wrote on Twitter.

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The entry was met with a reaction from Mundry, who took the phrase “great decision” in quotation marks. “3 weeks ago, the government froze wages in the budget in the budget assumptions for 2022. And to itself (gave – ed.) +60 percent.” – wrote the economist in response to the tweet of the vice-president of PFR.

In the first half of July the government upheld the decision to freeze wages in the budgetary sector in 2022.

In his entry, Mundry also presented a table with calculations for increases. It shows that the prime minister’s salary will increase from 14,000. PLN to over 20 thousand. PLN, speakers of the Sejm and Senate – from 11 thousand. PLN up to 20 thousand. PLN, deputy ministers – from 10 thousand. PLN up to 16 thousand. PLN, and deputies and senators from 10 thousand. PLN up to 16 thousand. zloty.

Sejm – pay rises for deputies and senators

The increase in the salaries of MPs was to be promised by the deputy prime minister and president of Law and Justice Jarosław Kaczyński, as previously reported by “Gazeta Wyborcza”. At a closed session of the PiS club in Przysucha, which took place in mid-June, the PiS president was supposed to ensure that he would push through an increase in salaries for parliamentarians during this term.

“The salaries are definitely too low. Especially deputy ministers. In the case of deputies it can be assessed differently. I do not care. Soon the minimum wage will catch up with us” – said Henryk Kowalczyk, PiS MP and chairman of the Parliamentary Public Finance Committee in an interview with the newspaper. According to the draft regulation of the Council of Ministers minimum wage in 2022 will increase by PLN 200 to PLN 3,000 gross.

The subject of the increases returned after a year. The law on this matter was voted in the parliament in August last year. According to the proposal, the salaries of the deputies were to increase to almost 12.6 thousand. PLN gross.

The regulations in this matter were even adopted by the Seym. 386 deputies voted in favor of the amendment, 33 were against and 15 abstained.

Then, when the bill was dealt with by the Senate, the chairman of the Civic Coalition club, Borys Budka, and the Marshal of the Senate, Tomasz Grodzki, appealed to the opposition senators to reject the bill. This happened after a wave of criticism poured out on MPs in connection with the procedure of such a law during a pandemic and difficult financial situation. Budka argued that “the opinion of citizens is the most important”. Hours later, the Senate rejected the bill.

For voting in the Sejm, except for the PO, the representatives of the Left also apologized.

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