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Rises for parliamentarians and the increase in salaries in the budget. Financial analyst Piotr Kuczyński comments on TVN24

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Wage increases for MPs and the government by 40-60 percent are really horrendous increases – said financial analyst Piotr Kuczyński on TVN24. He added that the salary increase was “20-30 percent he would understand.”

It appeared in the Journal of Laws at the end of July Presidential decree, which introduced pay rises as of August 1 incl. for the prime minister, marshals of the Sejm and Senate and other persons holding managerial positions in the state, including undersecretaries of state (deputy ministers). Thanks to the regulation, the salaries of parliamentarians also increased, because – in accordance with the Act on the performance of the mandate of a deputy and senator – their salary corresponds to 80 percent. the amount of the undersecretary of state’s salary, excluding the seniority allowance.

According to the ordinance signed by the president, the prime minister’s and marshals’ salaries increased to over PLN 20,000. PLN per month, and deputies and senators instead of PLN 8016.07 – will receive approx. 12.5 thousand. zloty.

Pay rises for MPs – analyst’s comment

– I do not understand many things when it comes to the government, but the salary increases for deputies, senators and the government by 40-60 percent (…), so on average around 50 percent, these are really horrendous increases. Even if you remember that three years ago, Mr. Jarosław Kaczyński, hardly knows why, lowered everyone (salaries – ed.) By 20 percent. Because his government gave itself awards – said Kuczyński.

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He added that “even if you take that into account, 20-30 percent would understand.” – 60 percent when the legs protest, when the public services have wage funds frozen, it is shooting themselves in the foot. But if someone wants to – why not, he cannot be prevented from taking votes, the analyst said.


Rises for the president and local government officials

In the first half of August, the Sejm passed an amendment to the foreseeable act raises for village heads, city mayors, city presidents and councilors, as well as for the President of the Republic of Poland and former presidents.

Draft amendment to the Act on Remuneration of Persons Holding State Managerial Positions was submitted to the Sejm by Law and Justice. The regulations assume an increase of 40 percent. president’s salary, an increase in the amount of allowances for councilors by 60 percent and an increase in the remuneration of local government employees.

Draft budget for 2022 – increases in the budget

A week ago the government adopted the draft budget act for 2022. According to the draft budget revenues are to amount to PLN 475 billion, expenses to PLN 505.6 billion, and the deficit to PLN 30 billion. The draft stipulates that the state public debt will amount to 42.6 percent next year. GDP will fall from 45.1 percent. GDP in 2021 and 47.8 percent. GDP in 2020. The general government debt is to amount to 55.5 percent. GDP.

The project also provides for 4.4 percent. salary increases in the budget and the unfreezing of the prize fund. According to trade unionists, this is an insufficient proposition – they would like a 12 percent increase in wages.

– They were always treated very badly. They were badly hurt. Public service is everyone who serves the rest of Poles, the entire society. They, too, should benefit from wage increases. The increase in wages in enterprises reaches 10 percent, i.e. in companies employing more than 9 people. The minimum wage rises 7-8 percent. No wonder that budget workers want to have (raises – ed.). Maybe not 12 percent, but not 4. Probably 8 percent would satisfy them – said Kuczyński.

He added that nurses and health workers are earning “pennies”. – I’m not surprised that they are protesting. If people see that the average wage in Poland is growing by almost 10 percent, they say: I want to too. This is perfectly normal, he said.

Kuczyński on increases in the budget

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