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Rises for the president and local government officials. The opposition tabled a number of amendments – the Sejm

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The draft amendment to the act on pay rises for village heads, city mayors, city presidents and councilors, as well as for the President of the Republic of Poland and former presidents, is controversial. The opposition introduced amendments to the provisions prepared by the Law and Justice party.

Draft amendment to the Act on Remuneration of Persons Holding State Managerial Positions last week it was submitted to the Sejm by Law and Justice. After introducing amendments on Wednesday in second reading, the draft was referred back to the Public Finance Committee. The regulations assume an increase of 40 percent. president’s salary, an increase in the amount of allowances for councilors by 60 percent and an increase in the remuneration of local government employees.


Wage increases – PiS project

During the parliamentary debate, Andrzej Szlachta from Law and Justice reminded that the salaries of people holding managerial positions in the state and of parliamentarians had not been raised for years, and the PiS project is to make them more realistic in relation to earnings in Poland. – It is worth noting that during the last 6 years of the rule of Law and Justice there has been an increase in the minimum wage by 60 percent, the average wage in the enterprise sector – by 46 percent, and in trade by almost 49 percent – the PiS MP enumerated.

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He also argued that the salaries of the most important people in other countries are much higher than in our country. – In 2020, the president of Switzerland earned 168 thousand in Polish zlotys, the chancellor of Germany – 127 thousand, the chancellor of Austria – 110 thousand, the prime minister of Denmark – 78 thousand, the president of France – 66 thousand, the president of the Czech Republic – 51 thousand, and the president of small Lithuania – 42 thousand zlotys. At that time, the President of the Republic of Poland earned a total gross income of little more than PLN 20,000, and the Prime Minister of the Polish government – less than PLN 17,000 gross – pointed out the Nobility.

He also stated that in the Second Polish Republic, in 1935, the then president, Ignacy Mościcki, earned “decently” – over 21,000 zlotys. PLN, while a liter of gasoline cost PLN 0.80, and the monthly earnings of a worker amounted to approx. PLN 102.

KO on a raise for the president

These arguments are not shared by the opposition. Marek Sowa from the Civic Coalition argued that the attitude of PiS shows how much politicians of this formation have lost their public hearing. He referred to the slogan of former Prime Minister Beata Szydło a few years ago: “work, humility, moderation”. He stated that today these words “sound like a mockery of Polish women and Poles”. According to the deputy KO, the attitude of the team currently ruling Poland can be described using the words of President Andrzej Duda, “please return your homeland to you, ladies.” – And milk it without moderation – said Sowa, addressing PiS deputies.

The KO deputy also talked about a “kind of deal” in which the president first decided to raise, among others, for parliamentarians, and now they are to repay the president the same. He appealed to MPs to consider whether President Duda deserves 10,000 zlotys. raises for the work done so far. He asked who knew the president’s serious political initiative; he asked how they assessed Duda’s position on vaccinations, because – as he assessed – the president’s speeches sounded “as if he was a spokesman for anti-vaccines.” – And a raise for that? – He was asking. Referring to the raise for local government officials, Sowa emphasized that earlier these funds had been cut by the PiS government.

Sowa announced that the KO club will not support the proposed changes and will vote for the proposed amendment, which will delete the provision that grants the President of the Republic of Poland 10 thousand. PLN increase. “Because he doesn’t deserve this money,” said Sowa.

Earlier, the Civic Coalition filed a project aimed at blocking the increase in the salaries of politicians.

PiS draft – opposition fixes

Andrzej Szejna from the Left argued that instead of pay rises for politicians, wages for the budget sector should be “unfreezed”. – Tens of thousands of teachers, nurses, officials, court employees cannot count on any pay rises due to the greed of PiS, and it is them that they deserve – emphasized the MP from the Left. He announced the submission of amendments assuming, inter alia, deletion from the draft provision on the increase for the President of the Republic of Poland.

Jacek Protasiewicz from the Koalicja Polska – PSL club said that the project is worth supporting only in the part concerning increasing the salaries of local government officials who – as he said – work hard and reliably. President Duda pointed out a series of unfulfilled promises, concerning, inter alia, liquidation of the National Health Fund, solving the problem of Swiss franc borrowers, tax-free pensions, compensating subsidies for farmers in the European Union and introducing a zero VAT rate for children’s clothes.

Protasiewicz also announced the submission of amendments to the draft, which provide, inter alia, increasing the salary of the President of the Republic of Poland and the salaries of parliamentarians, but from the next term of office.

The Confederation’s amendments, in turn, are intended to prevent the solutions proposed in the draft from entering into force at all. – The time of crisis is not a time for politicians to fill their pockets, which is why I am submitting a draft of amendments, deleting individual articles of this law and sending it to the bin – said MP Robert Winnicki.

Poland 2050 proposes, in turn, the deletion of the provision on the increase for the president and the suspension of increases for deputies and senators until the end of this term. – Ladies and gentlemen, MPs from PiS: work, humility, moderation, prudence, but above all “vox populi, vox Dei”, where are your values? – asked Paulina Henning-Kloska.

Rise for the president – PiS defends the project

Meanwhile, the increase for the president was defended by Law and Justice MP Anna Milczanowska. In her opinion, Andrzej Duda deserved it and it is not true that he did nothing. She said that the current president “has made more than 130 international visits, meeting the greatest heads of states in this world” and “is the creator of several dozen laws”, incl. the Pensions Act. Among the achievements of the president, she also mentioned his activity on the Three Seas Initiative, of which – as she recalled – he is the originator. She also praised the activity of the current president regarding the activities of the Visegrad Group.

The PiS deputy also emphasized that Andrzej Duda had been elected in democratic elections. – Let us therefore respect the head of state and silence these emotions full of such contempt and hatred – she appealed.

Pay rises for MPs

It appeared in the Journal of Laws at the end of July Presidential decree, which introduced pay rises as of August 1 incl. for the prime minister, marshals of the Sejm and Senate and other persons holding managerial positions in the state, including undersecretaries of state (deputy ministers). Thanks to the regulation, the salaries of parliamentarians also increased, because – in accordance with the Act on the performance of the mandate of a deputy and senator – their salary corresponds to 80 percent. the amount of the undersecretary of state’s salary, excluding the seniority allowance.

According to the regulation signed by the president, the prime minister and marshals would earn over 20,000. PLN per month, and deputies and senators instead of PLN 8016.07 – approx. 12.5 thousand. zloty.

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