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Road rules 2023. Resetting penalty points after one year. The regulations will come into force soon

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On September 17 this year, regulations will come into force that will allow you to delete penalty points again after one year. Training will also be reintroduced, thanks to which you will be able to reduce the number of points. According to the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Rafał Weber, these changes should not increase the number of accidents.

– After September 17 this year. we do not anticipate the yo-yo effect, i.e. a return to the accident statistics that were, for example, in 2019, Weber said in an interview with PAP.

Possibility to delete penalty points

As he emphasized, many changes have been introduced in road traffic regulations, which will be maintained and will not be corrected in the near future.

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– For example, we don’t lower it the amount of traffic finesand we’re not lowering points for traffic violations,” Weber said.

– We are only introducing the possibility of deleting 6 points during a re-education course, once every six months, which will look different than before. There will be more practical part. Driver training centers are also to price these courses much more expensive than before – noted the deputy minister.

New regulations coming soon

From September 17, points for traffic offenses will be deleted after one year, and not, as before, after two years. As Weber explained, the government received signals, among others from from transport companies that wanted this change.

– Truck drivers who spend several hours a day on the wheel are at risk of minor offenses, but these points are collected. The two-year deletion of accumulated points may prevent them from continuing their work. These signals have been analyzed by us. About 150,000 are already missing. heavy transport drivers – said the deputy minister.

In Weber’s opinion, these changes should not result in a return to the level of statistics that were in 2019.

Continuation of programs

He announced that the ministry will continue programs aimed at reducing the number road accidents. He added that two educational campaigns are to be launched in the fall.

One is related to “allergic to excessive speed”, and the other is to be addressed to seniors, of whom there are more and more on Polish roads.

– We will also build expressways, which are the safest. They relieve smaller roads and cities, and transit traffic concentrates on them. I hope that this progress in improving road safety will be visible – said Weber.

Police statistics

According to police data, in 2019 there were over 30.2 thousand accidents on Polish roads. road accidents, in which over 2.9 thousand people died people.

Last year, over 21.3 thousand events took place. accidents in which almost 1.9 thousand people died people.

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