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Roads in Poland – 2024. List of planned GDDKiA tenders

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The total length of road sections for which tenders will be announced in 2024 will be nearly 215 km, informs the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA). The proceedings will include, among others, the construction of the extension of the A2 motorway, and several tenders will be announced for the construction of bypasses.

As we read in the announcement GDDKiA, in 2024, the tender for the construction of over 25 km of the A2 motorway extension will cover the route from Biała Podlaska to the Dobryń junction. “This section will also provide access to the Koroszczyn Car Terminal, where vehicles crossing the border with Belarus are checked in,” we read in the release.

Tenders in 2024

“The currently functioning Wyrzysk bypass will gain a second road along the S10 expressway. By building two sections of national roads No. 41 and 91 near Radomsko, we will facilitate access to the A1 motorway and divert transit traffic from this city. In turn, in Greater Poland, we will start the reconstruction of DK25 between the A2 motorway and the S11 expressway. These are two sections with a total length of nearly 50 km of DK25. Let us remind you that we are in the process of obtaining a decision on the environmental conditions for the Kalisz bypass,” say the road engineers.

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As part of the implementation of the Program for the construction of 100 bypasses, GDDKiA plans to announce tenders in 2024 for 14 such investments with a total length of over 122 km. The longest of them are the ring roads of Starogard Gdański, Ostrołęka, Brzostek and Kołaczyce. The latter will connect with the Jasło bypass.

“In 2023, we also planned to announce tenders for five investments with a total length of nearly 17 km. However, we did not obtain financing and we plan to announce tenders in 2024. This is the second stage of the Warzymice and Przecław bypass, as well as the Srock, Pilzno, Pradeł and Kołbaskowo bypasses. “- we read.

“After completing environmental procedures and preparatory works, we will be able to announce a tender for further investments. Such conditional sections include the extension of the existing S11 by additional kilometers. In the northern part of the country, this is the section from the end of the Szczecinek bypass to Piła and the connection of the Ostrów Wielkopolski and Kępno bypasses,” it was written .

“The next conditional section is the first fragment of the Western Bypass of Szczecin within S6, from Kołbaskowo to Police, and the list is complemented by three investments from the Program for the construction of 100 bypasses,” road engineers announce.

Full list of roads for which tenders will be announced:

Government Program for the Construction of National Roads until 2030 (92.2 km):

A2 Biała Podlaska – Dobryń
S10 Wyrzysk bypass (construction of the second road)
DK25 Konin – Kokanin
DK25 Biskupice Ołoboczne – Ostrów Wielkopolski
DK42/91 Radomsko bypass

conditionally planned tenders:

S6 Kołbaskowo – Police
S11 Szczecinek – Piła
S11 Ostrów Wielkopolski – Kępno

Program for the construction of 100 bypasses for 2020-2030 (122.5 km):

DK9 bypass Skaryszew
DK12 bypass Wschowa and Dębowa Łęka
DK15 bypass Milicz
DK20 bypass Złocieniec
DK22 bypass Starogard Gdański
DK22 bypass Dobiegniew
DK24 bypass Kamionna
DK24 bypass Przytoczna
DK25 bypass Międzyborze
DK31 bypass Kostrzyn nad Odrą
DK49 bypass Nowy Targ
DK53 bypass Ostrołęka
DK73 bypass Brzostek and Kołaczyce
DK73 bypass Jasła

conditionally planned tenders:

DK78 bypass Szczekociny and Goleniowe
DK79 bypass Releases
DK94 bypass Legnica

Tenders that were supposed to be announced in 2023, but no financing was received. They are scheduled to be announced in 2024:

DK13, stage II of the Warzymice and Przecław bypass (Siadło Górne – Szczecin Zachód)

DK12/91 bypass Srocka
DK13 bypass Kołbaskowa
DK73 bypass Pilsen
DK78 bypass Pradel

Planned tendersGDDKiA

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