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Roars. She shot rats and shot her three-year-old daughter. The husband shot an employee. The verdict has been passed

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Rats were infested in a hen house in one of the villages in Ryki County (Lublin Voivodeship). Marlena B. shot at them. However, the pellet penetrated the wall and hit her three-year-old daughter. The child was taken to hospital. Her husband, wanting to confuse investigators, went to the garage to make it look like an accidental gunshot while cleaning the gun. As luck would have it, he shot his employee – also through the wall. The couple pleaded guilty. The court in Ryki issued a suspended sentence.

According to the press office of the District Court in Lublin, the District Court in Ryki found the couple guilty of the acts they were accused of.

He sentenced 32-year-old Marlena B. to 10 months in prison, suspended for two years. He also has to pay PLN 2.2 thousand. PLN fine.

Her husband, 35-year-old Mariusz B., was sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for two years. He also has to pay PLN 4.5 thousand. PLN fine and PLN 5,000 PLN compensation for a man employed on a farm who was shot by him.

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She wanted to get the rats out of the hen house

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin accused the woman of unintentionally causing serious damage to the health of her then almost 4-year-old daughter and causing a disease that really threatened her life. Mariusz B. was charged with being a supporter and unintentionally causing bodily harm.

Investigators determined that on June 3, 2020, Marlena B. was chasing rats out of an old wooden henhouse located on a farm in one of the villages in the Ryki district. The woman brought a smoothbore shotgun and shot at the rats. The pellet penetrated the wall and hit the child who was outside.

The prosecutor’s office: did not exercise caution

“She fired a shot at a rat from the hen house, using ammunition with too high a firepower, which led to the wall being pierced and the pellets passing outside,” the indictment explains. As we read, the woman was not careful, did not make sure she could take a safe shot and injured the child.

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The woman alerted her husband, who was returning from the field, and together with him, she took her daughter to the hospital. The child had numerous wounds, including: chest, arm and shoulder area, which caused a truly life-threatening disease.

The employee wanted to check what the man did. He was shot

After returning home, the man wanted to pretend that the shooting of the child was accidental while cleaning the gun in order to – as the prosecutor established – help his wife avoid criminal liability. He entered the garage and fired the same gun through the metal door, hitting an employee outside.

“Just before firing the shot, the victim approached the door at a distance of 1 meter, wanting to check what Mariusz B was doing.” – it was written in the indictment.

Court: they used weapons contrary to the scope of the permit

As a result of the gunshot, the injured party suffered numerous injuries to his left shin, which resulted in health disorders and impaired body organ function for over seven days.

Mariusz B. and Marlena B. pleaded guilty to committing the acts they were accused of. They had no previous convictions. As indicated in the indictment, they both had weapons permits, but they used them contrary to the scope of the permits, which were issued for sporting and collecting purposes. The examination showed that the spouses were sober.

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