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Robert Bąkiewicz will run from the PiS list. “The direction Jarosław Kaczyński turned is shocking”

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The heroes of PiS’s electoral lists include Łukasz Mejza and Robert Bąkiewicz. The same Bąkiewicz who compares the European Union to totalitarian Russia and who deals with the women’s strike by force. The same one who also calls LGBT people totalitarian and wants to fight this totalitarianism with live fire.

Robert Bąkiewicz is the new PiS candidate in the parliamentary elections. Bąkiewicz is known as the leader of the far right, preaching nationalistic, homophobic, anti-Semitic and anti-democratic views. – Berlin, the European Union, is no less a threat today than imperial Russia, which is attacking Ukraine today – Bąkiewicz said at one of the rallies.

In his speeches, he also regularly attacked LGBTQ+ groups and the left. This man is the right candidate for the ruling party in the Sejm elections today. Bąkiewicz will start from the last place in Radom, where the leader is Marek Suski, who has no problem with the fact that such an extreme figure will be on the same list as him. – A cultured young man – Suski says about Bąkiewicz.

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After the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal regarding the tightening of abortion law and in opposition to women’s strikes, Bąkiewicz established the National Guard, which was to defend the entrances to churches. – Today, leftists are demonstrating on the streets of Polish cities. The first blood has already been shed. Perhaps this blood will spill further. Let women pray, let them help us, let them provide food, said Bąkiewicz. – If necessary, we will crush them into dust and destroy this revolution – he announced.

For using force and violating bodily integrity against activists of the Women’s Strike, the current PiS candidate was sentenced to a fine and community service. It was Zbigniew Ziobro’s Sovereign Poland that put him on the lists. – We take responsibility for Mr. Bąkiewicz – announces Zbigniew Ziobro.

Deputy Minister Romanowski asked about Bąkiewicz: it’s not my environment, I don’t want to comment at all TVN24

Dangerous direction

Politicians of Sovereign Poland call Bąkiewicz a “great Polish patriot”, although the same Bąkiewicz has repeatedly he was criticized by the Warsaw Insurgents for trying to drown out the speech of the heroines of the Uprising during the opposition demonstration.

Bąkiewicz’s ties with PiS have been based on money for years. His organizations received grants and financial support primarily from the Ministry of Culture. – The direction Jarosław Kaczyński has turned is shocking. Really. In relation to Solidarity. A freedom party, a party in the sense of people, because we were a trade union, we wanted freedom and diversity and respect for others – explains Barbara Labuda, an opposition activist in the Polish People’s Republic.


Łukasz Mejza, former deputy minister of sport, dismissed after it was revealed that his foundation was supposed to offer expensive therapies for incurable diseases, will start from the Lubuskie PiS list.

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