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Rocket near Bydgoszcz. General Mirosław Różański on the activities of the government

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The National Security Council should be convened today, General Mirosław Różański assessed on TVN24, commenting not only on the political aspects of the rocket that fell near Bydgoszcz in December, and the remains of which were found in April. We’re watching verbal fencing. This is absolutely unacceptable – he said, commenting on the statements of the head of the Ministry of National Defense and the head of the General Staff.

Head of the Ministry of National Defence Mariusz Błaszczak referred to the rocket debris on Thursdaythat fell at the end of December and were found at the end of April in a forest near Bydgoszcz. He stated, inter alia, that “inspection findings indicate that the procedures and response mechanisms in this case worked properly to the level of the Operational Commander” and stated that “the Operations Commander abandoned his instructional duties”.

After making the statement, Błaszczak did not want to answer journalists’ questions, including when he found out that a rocket had fallen near Bydgoszcz.

Chief of the General Staff, General Rajmund Andrzejczak, assured that he informed his superiors about the incident “when it happened”.

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Różański: I believe what the generals say

General Mirosław Różański, former General Commander of the Polish Armed Forces, commented on the case on Friday morning on TVN24. In his opinion, omissions in this matter “are absolutely compromising”.

Commenting on Błaszczak’s announcement, Różański said that he “believes what the generals say, especially the chief of the General Staff, who clearly indicated that he had notified his political superiors.”

– Today, the minister communicates that he knew nothing about it, and the prime minister, which one the Council of Ministers is constitutionally charged with responsibility for our security, also says that he was unaware of this event for several months. This is the most serious issue that affects not only me. This would mean that something may be happening in Polish airspace, which is related to the safety of Poles, and the most important people in the country do not know about this event for several months – he noted.

He admitted that he “does not believe such a narrative”. – In my opinion, this is the most dangerous. It means that politicians want to wash their hands of this issue – he assessed.

>> It is responsible for the protection of borders in the airspace. Who is General Tomasz Piotrowski?

“We’re watching verbal fencing. It’s unacceptable.”

The general went on to say that the relationship between the head of the Ministry of National Defense and the most important commanders, especially the chief of the General Staff, “is known”. – She’s not the best. Already in 2020 (…) the minister wanted to discredit the chief of the General Staff. He failed to do so, he said.

He pointed out that, in his opinion, “the position of the president, the head of the Armed Forces, is of key importance today.” – This situation is so serious that an object appears in the airspace that threatens our safety, and here we are actually observing verbal fencing. This is absolutely unacceptable, he said.

– If it were that General Piotrowski actually did not fulfill his duties, then my question is: what is he still doing in his position? Rozanski asked further. “The safety issue is so important that there can be no inertia here,” he said.

>> Prime Minister: I found out in April. Chief of Staff: I informed my superiors when it happened

General Miroslaw RozanskiTVN24

Rozanski: I would expect an immediate position of the president

The general stated that he would “expect the post of president to be immediate.” – In my opinion, the National Security Council should be convened today. Gentlemen should sit down at the table and get up when the issue is settled, he concluded. – For all of us, for the peace of the whole society, this should be resolved in a few days. There cannot be a situation of uncertainty, and I am convinced that we are all in such a situation – he added.

When asked how specialists in the officer community comment on this matter, Różański replied: – Mr. editor, we have information. This information is often classified.

Main photo source: TVN24

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