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Rocket near Bydgoszcz. Information chaos. Will there be resignations? A government spokesman commented

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For over four months, Poles did not know that an unarmed Russian rocket had fallen in our country, over 400 kilometers from the border with Ukraine and Belarus. The government confirmed this in April. Since then, information chaos has been going on about the incident. This was discussed in “Kawa na Ława” on TVN24 by invited guests.

The guests of “Coffee on the Bench” on TVN24 – government spokesman Piotr Mueller, head of the Left club Krzysztof Gawkowski, MP Joanna Mucha, Deputy Speaker of the Senate Michał Kamiński (PSL-Polish Coalition), MP Bartosz Arłukowicz and head of the president’s office Paweł Szrot – talked about the information chaos around an unarmed Russian missile that fell in our country in December and was found only in April.

Reports about a rocket near Bydgoszcz. Calendar of events

In the case of the remains of the rocket, there are many questions about the actions of the authorities and services in this regard, including when they were taken. Head of the Ministry of National Defence Mariusz Blaszczak stated on Thursday that the procedures for responding to the found object worked properly to the level of the Operational Commander of the Armed Forces, who did not inform him “or the relevant services about the object that appeared in Polish airspace”. Błaszczak denied that he had refused to order the search for the object.

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Mueller: There will be no resignation

Piotr Mueller referred to the content of the report, according to which – as he said – in the opinion of the Minister of National Defense, “communication between the army and the transfer of information about the most important people in the country failed”. “This is a challenge that needs to be improved in the near future,” he said.

– I want to emphasize that on the day when this situation occurred, in December, the army took appropriate procedures related to the appearance of such an object in Poland: pairs of fighters on duty were picked up and all procedures that are provided for these situations were taken – he mentioned . He maintained that the procedure worked as it should, but “the object was not found”.

The government spokesman confirmed that the prime minister “trusts the report” submitted by the head of the Ministry of National Defence, Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Błaszczak.

Later in the program, Mueller was asked if it was possible for Generals Tomasz Piotrowski (Operational Commander of the Polish Armed Forces) and Rajmund Andrzejczak (Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces) to cooperate with the head of the Ministry of National Defence.

– I think that after the report has been clarified within the National Security Bureau, we will decide how this situation will look further. I think that both the command of the Polish Army and members of the Polish government are people who think primarily about the good of the state. If there is something necessary for the good of the state, such cooperation will be necessary and that’s all I can say – he replied.

When asked whether the minister’s resignation is not necessary for the good of the state, the spokesman replied: – No, there will be no such resignation. Probably the Russians would applaud this idea of ​​some people.

Arłukowicz: This shows complete chaos

Bartosz Arłukowicz commented that this case has “several aspects”. – The fact that someone is trying to convince the public that Minister Błaszczak did not know is absurd – he noted. – This shows complete chaos, degradation between Błaszczak and the generals – he assessed.

Addressing the government spokesman, the KO MP asked: – If the Prime Minister believes that Błaszczak is right in his report, in which he directly accuses his generals, then what are these generals still doing in their positions?

Arłukowicz: The fact that someone is trying to convince the public that Minister Błaszczak did not know is absurdTVN24

Szrot: if this situation can be fixed, you must do everything to fix it

Paweł Szrot stated that the president Andrzej DudaPrime Minister Mateusz MorawieckiMinister Błaszczak and generals Andrzejczak and Piotrowski “have been working very intensively and cooperating well in recent times to ensure the safety of Poland and Poles.”

– If this cooperation has created a crack, it is very bad. I agree with this thesis. If this situation can be rectified, everything must be done to rectify it, said the head of the presidential cabinet.

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Main photo source: TVN24

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