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Rocket near Bydgoszcz. Presidential adviser: Ministry of National Defense report on air defense received

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The President’s Chancellery received a report from the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak on air defense, and it is being analyzed, Łukasz Rzepecki, the president’s adviser, said on Saturday. He added that we need to act calmly and reasonably.

Ministry of National Defence announced on Friday evening that the president Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki received a report on the control of the functioning of the Air Defense System of the Republic of Poland. The conclusions – as stated – clearly indicate the negligence of the Operational Commander of the Armed Forces.

Łukasz Rzepecki, the president’s adviser, was asked about the report and possible actions of the president on Saturday in the Third Program of Polish Radio.

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“The president will take appropriate decisions after reviewing the report”

Łukasz Rzepecki confirmed that on Friday the Chancellery of the President received a report from the head of the Ministry of National Defence. – Mr. President, after getting acquainted with the report, will make appropriate decisions, if he considers them appropriate – he said. He added: – The relevant services in the National Security Bureau are analyzing the report provided by the Ministry of National Defense.

He also noted that the president has repeatedly shown that he convenes the National Security Council if necessary. He has called the council several times. (…) Everything before us. The president’s last statement was two days ago, added Rzepecki.

The president’s adviser said the situation was dynamic. – The most important thing is that today we do not fall into paranoia and do not worry Poles that they are threatened in some way, because they are not. We must act calmly, prudently, prudently, weigh our words and not panic,” he said.

– Let’s weigh our words and emotions, let’s remember that a regular full-scale war is taking place beyond our eastern border and Russia he hears, observes what we say, how we behave – said the president’s adviser.

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Prosecutor’s investigation into the remains of the rocket near Bydgoszcz

On April 27, the Ministry of National Defense informed that the remains of an unidentified military facility were found near the town of Zamość, about 15 kilometers from Bydgoszcz. It was emphasized that the situation does not threaten the safety of residents. The District Prosecutor’s Office in Gdańsk has launched an investigation into this matter.

A day later, the Operational Commander of the Polish Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Tomasz Piotrowski announced that “intensive investigations are underway” in this matter. As he pointed out, the point is to determine how the equipment could have ended up there and what its origin is. Gen. Piotrowski also referred to the events of mid-December last year, when the Russians carried out one of the massive air attacks on Ukrainehe also pointed to the attempts of psychological actions undertaken by Russia.

On Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister, head of the Ministry of National Defence, Mariusz Błaszczak, made a statement in which he referred to the issue of the object that fell in Zamość near Bydgoszcz, and to the issue of control in this case at the DO RSZ. “Procedures and response mechanisms regarding the object found near Bydgoszcz worked properly to the level of the Operational Commander; he did not inform me or the relevant services about the object that appeared in Polish airspace” – said Błaszczak.

The head of the Ministry of National Defense said that on December 16, the Air Operations Center – Air Component Command, reporting to the operational commander, received information from the Ukrainian side about an “object that may be a rocket” approaching Poland. He said that “cooperation was established with the Ukrainian side and that the American side; procedures for allied cooperation were properly launched; the combat readiness of our duty assets was increased; Polish and American duty planes were taken into the air. The object was recorded by Polish ground radar stations.”

The statement issued on Friday by the National Security Bureau stated that the information currently in the possession of President Andrzej Duda did not justify making personnel decisions regarding the highest commanding staff of the Polish Army, and furthermore, the president had not been presented with any request in this matter.

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General Tomasz Piotrowski’s appeal

On Friday, General Tomasz Piotrowski published an appeal in social media, in which he asked, among other things, “for reason, that we weigh our emotions very much in the coming days, that we be reasonable in what we do, that we do not give a very ambitious and aggressive opponent were not divided into groups.

– From September 2018, when I assumed my duties, I said that I am aware of threats, dangers and I will never stop caring for the safety of our Nation, our country, our citizens. Since that day, every day I try to fulfill my duties – said General Piotrowski.

– I deeply believe that we live in a country that is strong and just. I also deeply believe in all Poles that we are now able to show with the approaching threat from the east that we are aware that we live in a democratic country, that we know what the justice system is and that we will not succumb to bad emotions – said the general.

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“The conclusions of the report clearly indicate the negligence of the Operational Commander of the Armed Forces Branches”

In the message posted on Friday evening on the Ministry of National Defense website, it was written that the president and prime minister were provided with a report, which is a “detailed analysis of reporting documents and statements of commanders and heads of special services related to the discovery of the remains of the object in the town of Zamość near Bydgoszcz”.

It was stated that “the conclusions of the report clearly indicate the negligence of the Operational Commander of the Polish Armed Forces, who, in accordance with the laws on defense of the homeland and protection of the state border, is responsible for protecting the airspace of the Republic of Poland.”

It was pointed out that the report shows that the Operational Commander of the RSZ “ignored the signals of the Air Operations Center – Air Component Command about the presence of an unidentified object in the Polish airspace”. In addition, as reported, DO RSZ “has not informed about the situation of the Government Security Center, the General Command of the Armed Forces, special services, Military Police and other services provided for in the procedures”.

The Operational Commander – as written in the communiqué – “informed the Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces and the Minister of National Defense in the operational report that on December 16, 2022, no violation or crossing of the airspace of the Republic of Poland was recorded.”

The RSZ also “did not take effective action to clarify the circumstances of the event and determine the place of the unidentified air object’s fall and did not activate the duty forces and resources from the Territorial Defense Forces, which is within its competence and does not require the consent of the Minister of National Defense”.

“In addition, during regular briefings of the management of the Ministry of National Defense and the armed forces, he did not report any negative events in the airspace of the Republic of Poland on December 16, 2022.” – it was written in the communiqué. It was added that the conclusions of the submitted report “are consistent with the results of the inspection of the Supreme Audit Office, recently submitted to the Minister of National Defence, which showed the negligence of the Operational Commander of the Armed Forces in the area of ​​organizing and functioning of the country’s air defense system”.

The National Security Bureau announced on Saturday that at the Central Air Force Training Range in Ustka, the president will observe the actions of the troops during the ANAKONDA-23 exercise that day. The president’s speech is planned.

Main photo source: TVN24

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