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Rocket near Bydgoszcz. Tomasz Siemoniak on the positions of Mariusz Błaszczak and General Rajmund Andrzejczak on the actions of the army

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I believe General Andrzejczak. I know this army very well and it is impossible for it not to inform its superiors – said KO MP Tomasz Siemoniak, former head of the Ministry of National Defense, in “Kropka nad i”. He commented on the case of the object found near Bydgoszcz and the statements of Minister Mariusz Błaszczak and the chief of the general staff, General Rajmund Andrzejczak on this issue.

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak referred to the rocket debris on Thursdayfound at the end of April in a forest near Bydgoszcz. He stated, inter alia, that “inspection findings indicate that the procedures and response mechanisms (…) worked properly up to the level of the Operational Commander”.

Błaszczak said that “according to the findings of the inspection, the Operational Commander abandoned his instructional duties, not informing me about the object that appeared in Polish airspace, nor informing the Government Center for Security and other services provided for in the procedures.” This commander is the Lieutenant General Tomasz Piotrowski.

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Head of the Ministry of National Defense Mariusz BłaszczakLukasz Gagulski/PAP

Earlier, the Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army, General Rajmund Andrzejczak, assured that he himself “informed his superiors” about the incident “when it took place”. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki He said he found out about it in April.

Siemoniak: It all looks absurd

Member of the Civic Coalition Tomasz Siemoniakformer Minister of National Defense, said in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24 that “it all looks absurd”.

He stated that there was “no doubt that the Operational Commander, General Tomasz Piotrowski, is a decent, reliable officer.” “I can’t imagine him neglecting anything,” he said. Nevertheless, Siemoniak continued, “if Minister Błaszczak is to be believed, today the Operational Commander, i.e. the one who is responsible for our security, our heaven at any time, is someone who is useless.”

– Minister Błaszczak, if he was to be consistent, should immediately agree with the president that he is removing General Piotrowski. So the theater of the absurd continues, showing that the relationship between the political leadership in the person of Minister Błaszczak and the army is fatal – commented the KO MP.

Former head of the Ministry of National Defense: Minister Błaszczak is trapped

Siemoniak was also asked how it was possible that the head of the Ministry of National Defense could not know anything about the case. – It’s incomprehensible. I was a minister for four years, the chief of the general staff informed me about all the important things in Afghanistanin Poland, about what was going on and what the minister should know about – he pointed out.

– So here Minister Błaszczak is trapped. Because either he knows absolutely nothing and sits on Nowogrodzka Street all day and is not interested in what is going on in Poland and in the army, or he knows and now he is simply not telling the truth. I believe General Andrzejczak. I know this army very well and it is impossible for the army not to inform their superiors, he argued.

“Prime Minister Morawiecki summoned Minister Błaszczak to the blackboard”

According to the TVN24 guest, Błaszczak’s statement “is very twisted”. ‘Because he says so: I wasn’t informed by the Operations Commander. But he doesn’t say that he didn’t know. If he was told by the chief of the general staff, what does it matter if he was told by the chief of the general staff or the operational commander? Siemoniak asked.

He also referred to a fragment of the statement of the head of the Ministry of National Defense, when he said that in the operational report of December 16, there was information that on that day “no violation or crossing of the airspace of the Republic of Poland was recorded”.

– Perhaps it was the next day in a report or another report. He didn’t say: I didn’t know at all, I found out about the whole thing in April, pointed out the KO MP.

– Please note that this case has been going on for 19 days since the discovery of the remains. There was a lot of time for various actions, resignations or marking. Prime Minister (Mateusz) Morawiecki called Minister Błaszczak to the board, saying that he did not know about this whole affair, he found out in April. And Blaszczak had no other choice. And now he is looking for the guilty ones – Siemoniak continued.

Siemoniak: the army watches with wide eyes that someone who lacks elementary courage is in charge of the ministry

In his opinion, the minister “is completely disqualified in every direction.” – And if he had a minimum of courage and said: this is my responsibility, I am the Minister of National Defense, I bear responsibility for this, my people have not noticed something somewhere, I have not done something, he goes out and has a prepared statement that he is to blame General Piotrowski. Indeed, the military watches with wide eyes that this ministry is headed by someone who does not have the elementary civil courage to take responsibility, he added.

Siemoniak: the army watches with wide eyes that someone who lacks elementary courage is in charge of the ministryTVN24

– This statement by Minister Błaszczak is written in such a way as if he already thought that he would be responsible for omissions and failure to fulfill his duties from this article and tried to avoid any responsibility – he said.

When asked what the general’s subordinates might think now, Siemoniak replied: – I am convinced that the army is on the side of general Piotrowski. Just like all honest citizens. They just see what’s going on, they see a minister who cowards from responsibility and blames his subordinate.

“Błaszczak did not want this case to be published”

The MP from the Civic Coalition also admitted that he “does not believe” that the generals could not search for the remains of the rocket.

– Numerous military men, former generals, said: the army is looking for such things until the end. When a drone was lost a few years ago, they searched for it. You look for things like that, he said.

In his opinion, if someone made the decision not to search for the object, then “you have to explain who made that decision.” – Moreover, no one has been sensitized, no police stations throughout Poland have been sensitized (that) if someone reports something suspicious, we are looking for it – he continued.

As Siemoniak said, “everyone should be informed”. – It seems to me that Minister Błaszczak did not want this case to be published. Maybe he hoped that this rocket fell into some swamp or lake and that this case would never be revealed – he added.

Siemoniak: In the army, everything is documented and registered. We’ll trace it

He also announced that a closed meeting of the parliamentary committees of national defense and special services will be held regarding the found object. – We’ll ask about everything. After all, in the army everything is documented and recorded, conversations are recorded in electronic devices, in reports. We will follow it from the second when this rocket flew into Polish territory, to today’s statement by Minister Błaszczak – he declared.

“This matter is extremely serious,” Siemoniak added.

Main photo source: Lukasz Gagulski/PAP

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