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Monday, November 29, 2021

Rolling Stone: Marilyn Manson abused and tortured his partners and co-workers

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Marilyn Manson allegedly abused many women, mentally tortured them, locked them in a special soundproofed “room for bad girls”, rape and threatened his victims. These are just some of the accusations Kory Grow and Rolling Stone’s Jason Newman reached in a journalistic investigation.

Marilyn Manson, or actually Brian Warner, is known for his scenic image, which has often aroused controversy. Rolling Stone journalists Kory Grow and Jason Newman reached over 55 people in their nine-month investigation – former friends and associates of the singer and court documents. In a lengthy report, Mason is accused of physical violence, rape, psychological torture – including locking women in a “bad girl room” – and sexual violence.

Among the interviewees of Rolling Stone journalists was the star of the series “Game of Thrones” Esme Bianco, who with two other women (also interlocutors of the authors of the text) filed a civil suit against Manson. In February this year, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation into domestic violence against a musician.

According to the accounts of people who worked or dated Mason, he turned the former recording booth in his home into an isolation room – he referred to as a “bad girls room”, used for mental torture. Witnesses describe that “he would often lock his girlfriends there, keeping them there for hours.”


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Marilyn Manson – the accusations of many women

Ashley Morgan Smithline, one of the women who sued the musician, accuses him of having repeatedly forcibly locked her for several hours in this “shop fitting” room. “The first time, he talked about it so it seemed cool. Later, it got such a tone that it sounded like punishment. Even though I screamed, no one could hear me,” she said.

“At first I resisted, but he took pleasure in it. Later I learned not to fight. My mind was running away elsewhere,” she reported. Journalists write that Smithline described in her lawsuit that Manson choked her, bit her, cut her thighs with the initials MM, and burned her without her consent “for his own sexual satisfaction.” The woman accuses him of raping her “several times”.

Marilyn Manson – the shocking effects of a journalistic investigation

Esma Bianco in her lawsuit alleges that the musician was constantly abused and sexually abused during her relationship with him. Model Sarah McNeilly told the magazine that Manson had thrown her against the wall, had a baseball bat in his hand, and said he would massage her face. On the other hand, the musician’s former assistant – Ashley Walters – in his lawsuit accuses him of offering it to his friends, urging her to “please his friends in the way they want”.

“One woman (identified in court records as Jane Doe) sued Warner (Mason – ed.) For sexual abuse. She accuses Warner of ‘forcing her to throw her to the ground’ and then raping her. ‘He said she drove him crazy and that she caused him to do this to her, “the lawsuit said,” Rolling Stone reporters say, adding that he threatened her with death if she wanted to report the matter to the police.

In a statement quoted by the magazine, the musician’s attorneys dismiss all the accusations made by Rolling Stone. They call it “the coordinated attack of Mr. Warner’s ex-partners and associates.”

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