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Roman Giertych was absent from the Sejm during the vote on the draft abortion law. KO checks the reason

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The Civic Coalition is checking the reason for Roman Giertych's absence in the Sejm during the vote on the draft abortion law, said Izabela Mrzygłocka, the spokeswoman for discipline in the KO club. The decision is to be made at the club's college meeting, probably next Tuesday.

Sejm On Friday, he did not agree to the rejection of four bills on abortion in the first reading – by Lewica, KO and Trzecia Droga. Therefore, the projects were forwarded to further work in the extraordinary committee.

The Civic Coalition ordered club discipline in these votes. All KO MPs present in the room voted against the rejection of the bills on abortion. MPs Roman Giertych and Jarosław Urbaniak were absent.

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KO is checking the “important reason” for Giertych's absence

Disciplinary spokeswoman at the KO club, Izabela Mrzygłocka, said that Jarosław Urbaniak's absence was justified by his illness, while explanations are ongoing in the case of Roman Giertych.

– We are checking whether this “important reason” was really so important that Roman Giertych can be excused. The final decision that I will recommend will be made by the club's board at the next meeting, probably next Tuesday, said the spokeswoman for the discipline at the KO club, reserving that she will not reveal the reason.

She detailed the procedure: the college responds to her recommendation regarding the proceedings against the MP, then a letter will be signed against which the MP will be able to appeal. The appeal is considered by the club's presidium.

Roman Giertych in the SejmMarcin Obara/PAP

Roman Giertych on “a very important cause”

Roman Giertych informed TVN24 that his absence from the Sejm on Friday “had a very important reason” and that he is convinced that the club's disciplinary spokesman will justify his absence from voting.

Last year, Giertych stated that he had not changed his view on abortion. As he said, he considers it “as something bad, although sometimes permissible (e.g. a state of extreme necessity)”. He declared that if he was elected to the Sejm from the KO list, he intended to be a loyal and disciplined member of the club.

In 2022, Donald Tusk announced that he will expect everyone who wants to run from his party's lists to support the abortion regulations proposed by PO.

Main photo source: Marcin Obara/PAP

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