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Romania, Bucharest. 40 employees of the Russian embassy expelled from the country. They were sent back to Moscow

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40 employees of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest flew to Moscow on Saturday evening after the Romanian authorities demanded that the staff of this diplomatic mission be reduced due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the deterioration of bilateral relations.

The capital’s TVR television reported that among the people who had to leave the embassy in Bucharest after the decision of the Romanian authorities, there were 11 diplomats and 29 administrative and technical employees.

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Justifying the decision by the deterioration of mutual relations, the government in Bucharest specified that the reduction of the embassy staff was related to the Russian invasion of Ukrainewhich started in February 2022.

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Romanian media reported that embassy staff departed from Bucharest airport on Saturday evening more than six hours late.

Russian diplomats outside Romania

In April 2022, the MFA Romania 10 employees of the Russian embassy in Bucharest were declared undesirable on the territory of this country. It was then explained that they were conducting activities inconsistent with the Vienna Convention, the rules of diplomacy and undertook espionage activities.

Embassy of the Russian Federation in BucharestGoogle Maps

A month after the expulsion of the Russians, the Kremlin announced that in response to Bucharest’s move, it considered 10 employees of the Romanian embassy in Moscow persona non grata.

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