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Romania. Pro-Russian scandalist Diana Sosoaca will go to Brussels

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Diana Sosoaca was elected in the Romanian European Parliament elections. The pro-Russian politician, known for numerous controversies and scandals, attends the Russian ambassador's receptions and appears in Russian state media.

Romanians learned only on Monday that Diaspora's votes were being counted that Diana Sosoaki's SOS Romania party was entering the European Parliament. The group will most likely have two MPs in the European Parliament.

As the Europa Libera Romania website pointed out, these data come from the EP website, not from national data, because they arrive with a delay. We still have to wait for the official final results.

“Moderate optimism” of the radical right in Romania

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According to these data, the ownership status as of Sunday polls exit poll The second party representing the Romanian radical right, the Union for the Unity of Romanians (AUR), retained its position. In Romanian, the word means “gold”. AUR has less than 15 percent. votes and six seats.

Compared to other EU countries, the result of the far right is not stunning, but for Romania this is an increase of seven places compared to the previous term of the European Parliament. Radicals take a quarter of Romania's pool of 33 seats in the European Parliament.

Polls gave her even more, which is why experts talk about “moderate optimism”, especially in the context of the good results of the far right with German, France Whether Austria.

A pro-Russian scandalist elected to the European Parliament

Diana Sosoaca is the most controversial figure on the Romanian political scene. She is an openly pro-Russian and aggressively anti-Ukrainian politician, currently a senator. Previously, she was a member of AUR, but in 2021 she was disciplinaryly removed from the party. A year later she joined SOS Romania.

Its hallmarks are scandals and political performance. During the pandemic COVID-19 she fought against restrictions and vaccines, now she is against aid for Ukraine, and in her public statements she repeats the Kremlin's narrative.

Diana Sosoaca is the most controversial figure on the Romanian political sceneENEX

Sosoaca goes to the Russian ambassador's receptions, appears in the Russian state media, and calls Volodymyr Zelensky – as Vladimir Putin – “Nazi”.

The politician presented a bill in parliament providing for Bucharest's annexation of Ukrainian lands that belonged to Romania before World War II (northern Bukovina, Budziak and Snake Island).

A typical anti-system party trying to “overturn the table”

AUR George Simion's rhetoric is milder, which is why the support for this party is greater. – AUR is a typical “dignity” party that strongly appeals to the sense of offended dignity of Romanians, who generally feel like “second-class” citizens in the EU. This includes: the result of the fact that Romania took advantage of its accession to the EU much less effectively than, for example, Poland, and absorbed funds much worse – said Kamil Całus, an analyst at the Center for Eastern Studies (OSW).

– Incomplete participation in Schengen zone and the endless battle for admission, the feeling that they “keep asking”, all this has a negative impact on the Romanian mood, and AUR discounts it by appealing to national pride – explained the OSW analyst.

AUR is a typical anti-system party trying to “overturn the table” and promising political renewal and being closer to citizens. Same as Viktor Orbán in Hungary, which he definitely follows as a model, Simion argues that the EU should not be abolished, but changed.

Votes are still being counted in Romania

AUR supports unification with Moldova and declares concern for all Romanians (including those who currently live, for example, in Ukraine due to border changes), and is reluctant to support Ukraine, although it considers Russia a threat and, as a national party, formally sticks to the Romanian party. “tradition” of anti-Russianism.

AUR is against aid for Ukraine or in favor of making it conditional. – And although he does not like Russia, he does not hide his dislike for Ukraine, which gives fuel to those who accuse AUR of being pro-Russian – emphasized Całus.

Votes are still being counted in Romania. Citing data from the European Parliament (after counting almost 98% of the votes), the Radio Europa Libera website reported that the candidates of the ruling coalition PSD-PNL (social democracy and liberals) running from a joint list probably have 19 seats in the EP, AUR – six, and the next three will go to the United Right Alliance (Alianta Dreapta Unita). The Hungarian minority party UDMR and SOS Romania will each win two seats. One independent MP, Nicu Stefanuta, will also enter the European Parliament.

Main photo source: ENEX

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