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Romania. The bear fell into a several-meter-deep well and was saved by firefighters

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Firefighters from the town of Sotrile in southern Romania saved a small bear that fell into a well on Tuesday. The animal got out using a ladder.

As reported on Tuesday by firefighters from the military unit in the Prahova district, where the unusual incident occurred, the bear had great difficulty in getting out of the several-meter-deep well on its own.

To make it easier for him to get out of the hole, rescuers lowered a ladder into the well, and the bear climbed it for almost two hours.

“The animal returned unharmed to the forested area,” the rescue services reported after the operation.

The intervention of firefighters from the Prahova district is the next action of the Romanian services involving a bear in recent days.

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On Friday, an adult entered the premises of a high school in the city of Miercurea Ciuc in the central part of the country and then climbed a tree near the entrance to the school building. Security officers called to the facility where several hundred students were staying, decided to shoot the animal because it had become aggressive.

More and more common

The Romanian government is considering increasing the hunting limit for bears, as they have become more and more common in human-inhabited areas in recent years, threatening both local communities and animals kept by humans.

Main photo source: ISU Prahova

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