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Romania. Winter attack. Hundreds of people were stuck in cars for hours because of the snow

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April attack of winter in Romania. Heavy snowfall, like in the middle of the winter season, caused serious trouble in the north-east of the country. Hundreds of people were stuck in cars on the snow-covered roadways, many of them spent the whole night like this, the media reported. The weather also caused power outages.

The inhabitants of Botošany and Iasi districts have been facing the most difficult weather conditions since Wednesday. So much snow fell that the roads between some towns became impassable, and in many places visibility dropped to almost zero. Digi24 reported on Thursday afternoon that hundreds of people who had been stuck in cars on snow-covered roads had been rescued in a matter of hours. In Jassy, ​​snowstorms imprisoned over 200 people overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, and over 400 people were rescued by the fire brigade and the army in Botoszany.

According to local media, heavy snowfall with strong winds persisted in the districts of Botošany, Iasi, as well as Suceava and Neamt for 15 hours. Snow was also falling heavily in the Vaslui county in eastern Romania.

Traffic is still slow in some places

As recently as Thursday, these first four regions were still on red weather alerts for snowfall, blizzards and drifting snow.

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On Friday, their rank was lowered to the lowest. The area with snowfall decreased on Friday. Precipitation has also decreased.

Difficult conditions on the roads of north-eastern RomaniaENEX

Difficult conditions on the roads of north-eastern RomaniaENEX

On Friday morning, traffic on some sections of eight national roads in Botoszany and Suceava was still not flowing, and there were restrictions on other sections of four roads, the services said.

Difficult conditions on the roads of north-eastern RomaniaENEX

Power failures

Thousands of households in the Botošany district were left without electricity on Thursday.

Numerous failures also occurred in Suceava and Jassy. In the last of them, in the village of Vorovesti, power outages have been occurring since Tuesday.

In recent days, we have also reported heavy snowfall in Serbia.

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Main photo source: ENEX

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